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Tillman W. McCarty "Desertion" from the 33rd Mississippi Regiment

Tillman W. McCarty "Desertion" from the 33rd Mississippi Regiment

In an e-mail dated Feb 28, 2000, Sid Bondurant tells us the following:

"The 33rd Mississippi had two companies from 'our' area. Company A was from the Laurel Hill area and called the Cumberland Guards. The company was organized at the Cumberland Church in Laurel Hill (southwest part of Neshoba County). Another company was organized in Carthage by Robert J. Hall.

"Til was 1st Sgt. of the company. He was separated from the company at the Battle of Champion Hill and ended up in Vicksburg while the regiment went to Jackson. He surrendered in Vicksburg and went home. When he was exchanged he went back to the regiment which by now was in Atlanta. There, Col. Drake accused him of desertion (not true) and busted him to private. Two days later he really did desert and walked home to Misssissippi. Drake and 40% of the regiment became casualties a few days later at the Battle of PeachTree Creek."

Two websites Sid provided me on the 33rd Mississippi are:
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