The 300+ pages of this document constitute a copy of the never-published manuscript of McCarty (and related families) genealogy, which was compiled by Minnie Eva McCarty Tipton. Minnie was the fifth child and second daughter of Robert Bruce McCarty and Florence Ann Whitehead, and a grand-daughter of Alsa B. McCarty and his second wife Ann Reddick. Minnie reportedly gathered this information over a period of some twenty years (presumably between about 1944 and 1964), and in so doing, made several trips "through the South" (presumably to Alabama). She was accompanied and assisted on at least two of those trips by her older sister, Florence May McCarty Matlock, and on at least one of those trips by her cousin, Vaughn West Murff. Bill Bateman later learned that this manuscript was in the custody of Una May Matlock Simpson (Mrs. A. B. Simpson), Florence Matlock's daughter. The manuscript was given to Una during the distribution of her Aunt Minnie's personal effects after Minnie's death in June, 1964. She kindly loaned Bill the manuscript to photocopy. Una is a wonderful, friendly lady, 87-years-young, who lives alone on her ranch near Northfield, Texas. Everyone who benefits from access to the information in this copy (or future copies thereof) owes Una a debt of gratitude for unselfishly making the manuscript available to the Bill, and to Bill for granting us the right to convert it to HTML and post it here.

In preparing this file, Bill corrected a few errors that he noticed in the original printed version (mostly typos and misspelled names). He says that he tried to be careful and correct only what he was reasonably sure were errors, and left alone those things which he merely suspected were errors.

Mr. James W. McCarty of Carrollton, Texas, has had a copy of this manuscript bound and placed in the genealogy section of the Dallas Public Library.

It should be assumed that the family of Minnie Eva McCarty Tipton holds the copyright on this non-published document and this it is provided solely to assist in your research.