775. Alsa B. McCarty was born in South Carolina, in 1820 and died July 6, 1871 in Dale County, Alabama. He is buried in the McCarty Cemetery near Ozark, Alabama. There is some doubt about the time of his birth, but as he was of age when his grandfather, Nathan Boddie, died in 1841, he could not have been born after 1820. Since his older brother, William, was born in 1819, he could not have been born in that year. One of his sons gave Alsa's birth date as 1816. If he was born in 1816, he could not have been Mahala Boddie's son, but the Equity Court of Edgefield County, South Carolina, listed him as her son and heir. He was also guardian of his younger brothers and sisters in the settlement of the Nathan Boddie's estate in 1841. In the census of 1850 Alsa's age was given as 29; in 1860 it was given as 39. All of this would indicate that he was born in 1820.

Alsa was, perhaps, the most controversial and the least responsible of all the McCarty sons. He and his half brother, Walter, were quite often "in their cups," and both were great humorists. During these times Alsa was quite often a preacher and it is said he preached some good sermons that brought tears to his listener's eyes.

Alsa was very proud of his four beautiful daughters, Amanda, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Mary. All four of these girls were brought up in the traditions of the Old South. They were well-educated, and each had unique accomplishments of her own. Alsa took great pride in showing them off at dances and balls, especially Amanda, a small redhaired, vivacious dancer.

By profession or trade Alsa was a cabinet maker. When his second family moved to Texas about 1877, they brought with them some of his exquisite hand-made furniture. He also owned land, and in the 1870 census he is listed as a farmer.

He and his first wife, Isabella, married in Georgia, about 1838 when he was 18 and she was 16. She later divorced him, but at what date is not known. Tradition says they had nine children, but the names of only seven have been authenticated for this history. The eighth was a boy who evidently died in infancy, and the ninth was a girl who was burned to death when a baby. Isabella's surname is unknown. The 1850 census gives her age as 28, making her birth date 1822. She died in the spring after the birth of her daughter Elizabeth's first child, December 12, 1861. This, of course, would put her death in 1862. She died of cancer and was a bed patient many weeks before her death. Children: Amanda, Elizabeth, Catherine, Mary, Wilson, John (Bud), Elisha.

776. Amanda McCarty (775) was born March 6, 1840 in Georgia. She married her stepmother's brother, John Frank Riddick, probably in 1856 in Alabama, in either Dale or Pike County. She was away at school, and when her father sent John Frank to drive to the college and bring her home, they eloped. Amanda died June 15, 1912 and is buried in the old cemetery at Troy, Alabama in a plot with her daughters Van and Virginia and Van's husband.

From all accounts Amanda was a high spirited young woman, high strung, domineering, well educated, talented, and capable. One of her nieces has this to say of her: "She was a small, bird-like person with red hair and reddish-brown eyes. She had a fine mind; she was a school teacher and a fine pianist. She was always cool and poised, and she was always right. She knew best, and her sisters blindly took her word for everything.-----She could blister one with words.-----She had scores of friends, but she had that McCarty temper. She did not get all flustered and mad; she just stood there as cool as a summer breeze and told you off, her voice low but stinging."

Amanda was a proficient musician and taught piano and dancing for many years. Family tradition says she could play one tune with one hand, a second tune with the other hand, and whistle yet a third tune, all at the same time. Both of her daughters were also musicians. Virginia both taught and composed music for many years.

Though deeply in love with her husband John Frank, who was a captain in the Confederate Army and who was killed early in The War Between The States, Amanda married before 1881 to a John Schaeffer, one of her pupils in a private school. This marriage was an unhappy one and did not last. When Amanda died in 1912, she and her two daughters, both of whom had made unhappy marriages, were living together in Troy.

Amanda and John's children: John Frank Wallace, Vannecka, Virginia. (See No. 3 under Riddick for descendants.)

777. Elizabeth McHaley (Mahala) McCarty (775) also married her step-mother's brother, Elisha Riddick. She was born in South Carolina, September, 1841 and died February 2, 1921. She is buried in the old cemetery at Troy, Alabama. Elizabeth was probably born in Edgefield, South Carolina, while her parents where there for the settlement of the Nathan Boddie Estate, as her father, Alsa, was guardian for the McCarty children in this transaction.

Elisha was wounded in the lungs during The War Between The States and died "about two years after the war" of a hemorrhage of the lungs. He and Elizabeth had these children: Mary Louise (Mamie), John Frank. (See No. 4 under Riddick for descendants.)

778. About Catherine Withers McCarty (775) little is known except that her life was one of tragedy. She married twice, but nothing is known about the first marriage except that "It was a great and pitiful tragedy." This statement comes from a granddaughter who would reveal no more.

She later married William R. Respress, an Englishman who imbibed rather freely. He went to war, and at the close of that conflict he wrote Amanda, Catherine's sister, in an effort to find his family, Catherine and two daughters. Amanda wrote him that they were all dead. She defended herself later by saying, "He was not fit to be the father of those girls."

To make assurance doubly sure, Amanda then told Catherine that she had been notified that William Respress had been killed in the war. Though Catherine learned many years later of Amanda's duplicity, she never reproached her. Catherine, a fine seamstress, managed to keep her family together until both girls married. She lived with her daughter Ida Jane years before her death, August 31, 1883. She too, died of cancer. She is buried at Old Claybank Cemetery in Dale County, beside her mother.

Thinking that all of his family had died, William never returned to Alabama but went to Georgia. There he later married into a family of jug makers in a small place known as Jugtown. Here later, his older daughter, Ida, happened to find him some years after Catherine's death, and at last he learned the truth.

Catherine married William R. Respress December 24, 1850 in Troy, Alabama. She was born in 1842 in Georgia. He was born in 1830 in Coventry, England. Children: Ida Myrtle, Isabella Virginia.

779. Wilson McCarty (775) was the oldest son in Alsa's first family. He was born in 1844 in Alabama, according to the 1850 census. He was living with his father's second family in 1860 and also in 1865, according to the census. No other trace of Wilson has been found, though he probably came to Texas in 1877 with his father's second family.

780. Mary Louise McCarty (775) was born April 11, 1846 in Columbus, Georgia and died November 17, 1911. She is buried near Slocum, Alabama. (The Welch family Bible gives Mary's birthdate as 1849, but her age is given in the 1850 census as four years.) She married Moses Welch December 3, 1862 in Troy, Alabama. He was born in Opelika, Alabama, and died July 30, 1899 and is buried at Brundidge, Alabama.

Moses and Mary came to Texas around 1875 as their youngest child, Annie Bell, was born at Chapel Hill, Texas, in 1876. Children: Elisha Boyd, Minnie Lee, William Dailey, Annie Bell.

781. Elisha McCarty (775) was probably the youngest son of Alsa and Isabella. His birthdate and death date are both unknown, though he probably died between 1866 and 1870. He was living with Alsa's second family in 1860 and in 1866.

782. John (Bud) McCarty (775) second son of Alsa and Isabella, was born in 1848 in Dale County, Alabama, and died of "black-tongue fever" (diphtheria) before 1860. He is probably buried in the Old Claybank Cemetery, in Dale County, as the earliest recorded burial in the McCarty Cemetery is 1871.

783. Ida Myrtle Respress (778) was born May 8, 1862 at Troy, Alabama. She married John S. Andrews May 16, 1877 and died June 1, 1950. He was born in 1858 in Dale County, Alabama, and died in 1927 and is buried in Old Claybank Cemetery in Dale County.

Ida Myrtle had a long life and a long memory and delighted in telling her grandchildren and nieces and nephews of the old days. As her mother, Catherine McCarty and her two daughters, had lived in Alsa's house during the war years and for some years afterward, Ida Myrtle had wide knowledge of McCarty history and tradition, some of which has gone into this book. Children: Ruby Love, Maurice M., Raymond Withers, Alton McDonald, John Jeter, Jewel Grace, Alex Rufus, Angus Glenn.

784. Isabella Virginia Respress (778) was born September 20, 1864 in Troy, Alabama and died September 25, 1895. She is buried at Hilliards' Cross Roads, just outside Brundidge, Alabama. She married John Hamp Grace March 6, 1884 at Troy, Alabama. He was born November 24, 1852 in Unadillo, Georgia, and died September 12, 1930. He is buried at Brundidge. Children: Herbert Tolliver, Lily Myrtle, Eva Maude, Ida Virginia, Virgil T.

785. Elisha Boyd Welch (779) vas born February 18, 1874 in Troy, Alabama. He married first, Lillie Walsh about whom nothing is known. They were divorced in a few years, and he married Martha Harris November 12, 1905 at Noma, Florida. She was born December 23, 1886 in Ozark, Alabama. Elisha died March 19, 1941 and is buried near Slocumb, Alabama.

Elisha was well known for his "McCarty humor," for he was quite the practical joker. He was a successful merchant for many years. He had a stroke and was ill for some time before his death. Martha lives alone in their old home and manages to keep busy. She was good enough to collect her family history for this book. Children: Zenobia Aurora, Evelyn Grace, Alva May, Vivian Chisholm.

786. Minnie Lee Welch (779) was born September 19, 1868 at Troy, Alabama, and died July 18, 1944. She is buried in Jacksonville, Florida. She married, first, James Robert Dickey December 1, 1885. They had two children: Alva Lee, Ellie Mae. She married second, James Mills Chisholm who was born April 1, 1870 in Luray, South Carolina. He died January 25, 1948 and is buried in Jacksonville, Florida. Child: Vivian Aren.

787. William Dailey (Bud) Welch (779) was born October 10, 1864 at Troy, Alabama. None of the family know what became of Bud. He visited his sister Minnie Lee Welch Dickey in 1899. At that time he was not married.

788. Annie Bell Welch (779) was born January 24, 1876 at Chapel Hill, Texas, died January 24, 1928 and is buried in Ariton, Alabama. She married, first, Levy Hays January 28, 1894 at Brundidge, Alabama. There is no information on Levy except that he is buried at Brundidge. Children: William Eddie, Levie Gertrude, Colson Alphonso.

She married, second, Henry Grantham July 30, 1902. Nothing is known about Mr. Grantham. Children: Rex Elton, Gladys Louise, Clifford Flaxon, Mary Lou, Henry Harold, Joyce Annell.

789. Ruby Love Andrews (783) was born March 24, 1878 at Ozark, Alabama. She married, first, Winfield Thompson in 1905 at Tuskegee, Alabama, and he died in 1908. Child: Roy. She married, second, Charles M. LeGallienne in 1910. He was born September 21, 1878 at Liverpool, England. He died May, 1938 and is buried at Hillcrest Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia. Ruby Love died April 6, 1953 and is buried at Atlanta, Georgia. Children: Cecil, Maxwell Neville, John Norman, Lois.

790. Maurice M. Andrews (783) was born June 7, 1882 at Ozark, Alabama. He married Bertha Gray in 1915 at Birmingham, Alabama. He died in 1952 and is buried at Biloxi, Mississippi. She was born in Dale County, Alabama. No children.

791. Raymond Withers Andrews (783) was born August 10, 1883 at Ozark, Alabama. He married Sarah L. A. Kennedy October 24, 1906 at Laverne, Alabama. Sarah was born January 23, 1888 in Crenshaw County, Alabama.

Raymond and Sarah are two patient, interesting, and interested persons. They have a large family whose records they compiled, though he was ill and she was working. They celebrated 50 years together in 1956. Children: Margie Ray, Glennie Lee, Ida Mae, Paul Hamel, Myrtis Morrell, Ruby Love, Jewell Aline, Lela Ruth, Mary Helen, Annie Lucille, Aubrey Lomax.

792. Alton McDonald Andrews (783) was born September 16, 1885 at Ozark, Alabama. He married Sarah Q. Smith July, 1914 in Pike County, Alabama. He died in 1952 and is buried at Hilliards Cross Roads, Pike County. His wife was born in Unidello, Georgia. No children.

793. John Jeter Andrews (783) was born February, 1887 at Newton, Alabama. He married Mattie Lou Betterton in Brantley, Alabama, July 13, 1924. She was born June 25, 1909 at Brantley, Alabama. John died April, 1930 and is buried at Pinckard, Alabama. Children: John Philip, Willie Pearl, Johnnie Lou.

794. Jewel Grace Andrews (783) was born July 14, 1889 in Macon County, Alabama. She married, first, Oscar Eiland in 1912 at Laverne, Alabama. He was born in Crenshaw County, Alabama. He died in 1918 and is buried at Bullock, Alabama. Children: Angus Daniel, Myrtis Tranum. Jewel married, second, Lewis Wesley Kennedy in 1920 in Crenshaw County. He was born October 10, 1890. Children: Louie Merle. Jewel Grace died April 23, 1951 and is buried in Plant City, Florida.

795. Alex Rufus Andrews (783) was born April 15, 1891 at Ozark, Alabama. He married Della Kennedy October, 1919 at Laverne, Alabama. He died July 2, 1952 and is buried at Providence, Alabama. She was born May, 1873 at Brantley, Alabama. No children.

796. Angus Glenn Andrews (783) was born May 1, 1894 at Society Hill, Alabama. He married Dora Tomlin April 25, 1923 at Laverne, Alabama. She was born March 3, 1903 at Laverne. Children: DeWitt, James Ernest, Elenor Glyn.

797. Herbert Tolliver Grace (784) was born September 2, 1888 at Brundidge, Alabama. He married Lillie Mae Smith January 8, 1914 at Elba, Alabama. He died May 3, 1944 and is buried at Center Ridge Cemetery near Troy, Alabama. Lillie Mae was born November 6, 1891 in Coffee County, Alabama. Children: Bobbie Mildred, Ralph E.

798. Lily Myrtle Grace (784) was born August 28, 1890 at Brundidge, Alabama. Unmarried.

799. Eva Maude Grace (784) was born January 6, 1892 at Brundidge, Alabama. She married James Worth McCarty, her mother's second half cousin. See her record under No. 2789.

800. Ida Virginia Grace (784) was born December 8, 1893 at Brundidge, Alabama. She married J. Tally Spinks at Troy, Alabama, on November 3, 1919. He was born August 27, 1894 at Elba, Alabama.

Ida is quite a talented person, having written several plays that have been produced over radio. Her graphic letters concerning the McCarty line have been of great service in this history, as she remembers many anecdotes, stories, and interesting events her Aunt Ida Respress Andrews told her in her youth. In these letters she has made the old days real again in many places in this history. Child: Oswell H. 9.

801. Virgil T. Grace (784) was born August 27, 1895 at Brundidge, Alabama, died October 6, 1895, and is buried at Brundidge.

802. Zenobia Aurora Welch (785) was born August 20, 1906 in Geneva County, Alabama. She married Grady Cecil Woodham August 1, 1925 at Montgomery, Alabama. He was born September 27, 1890 at Geneva, Alabama. Children: Rosemary, Gloria Patricia.

803. Evelyn Grace Welch (785) was born June 16, 1913 at Slocomb, Alabama. She married Thomas Walker Snowden June 23, 1930 at Pratville, Alabama. He was born September 1904 at Bay Minette, Alabama. He died July 28, 1956 and is buried in Union Cemetery, Slocomb. Children: Donald Walker, Barbara Ann, Braxton Welch, Martha Harris, John Philip, Pamela.

804. Alva Mae Welch (785) was born May 1, 1908 in Geneva County, Alabama. She married Howard Buford Register November 22, 1950 at Slocomb, Alabama. He was born at Headland, Alabama. No children.

805. Vivian Chisholm Welch (785) was born August 7, 1910 at Slocomb, Alabama.

806. Ellie Mae Dickey (786) was born October 27, 1883 in Brundidge, Alabama. She married Leo W. Baker in Tampa, Florida. They had one child who died young.

807. Alva Lee Dickey (786) was born September 11, 1886 at Brundidge, Alabama. She married James Melville Martin on May 31, 1905 at Lake Helen, Florida. He was born March 12, 1882 at Tampa, Florida. He died August 23, 1951 and is buried at Alexander City, Alabama. Children: Arthur Conway, Inez Beatrice, Perry Melville.

808. Vivian Aren Chisholm (786) was born January 22, 1905 at Lake Helen, Florida. On July 16, 1929 he married Ella Blanche Truluck at Jacksonville, Florida. She was born January 24, 1908 at Delph, Florida. Child: Lyman Ricker.

809. William Eddie Hayes (788) was born January 4, 1896 at Brundidge, Alabama. He married Viola Trawick March 12, 1916 at Ariton, Alabama. Viola was born March 11, 1902 at Ariton. Both Eddie and Viola did much toward gathering their family history. This couple unite two of the five family lines traced in this book. Viola's father Mancel Trawick, son of Mary E. Patterson and Jeff Trawick, was born in 1879. Jeff, born 1846, was a great-nephew of William Richard Trawick born 1795 in Georgia, and the ancestor of all the Trawick line in this history. Eddie is the great-grandson of Philip McCarty, born 1791 in South Carolina, the ancestor of the McCarty line traced here. Viola and Eddie's children: Lewis Mancel, James Ralph, Thomas Cecil, Lester Erasmus, William Elton, Jack Jefferson.

810. Levie Gertrude Hayes (788) was born February 20, 1897 at Brundidge, Alabama. She married Shelly Franklin Trawick December 1, 1913 in Georgetown, Georgia. He was born April 21, 1895 at Ariton, Alabama. He died March 10, 1947 and is buried at Center Ridge Cemetery in Dale County, Alabama. This couple, also, unite the Trawick and McCarty lines. Children: Tyras Lemuel, Milza Lucille, Ross Levi, Loumyrl.

811. Colson Alphonso Hayes (788) was born April 25, 1898 at Brundidge, Alabama. He married, first, Lillie Lee Sammons on June 4, 1915 at Ariton, Alabama. She was born March 12, 1898 at Ariton and died May 7, 1928. She is buried at Ariton. Children: Herbert Tillman, Buna Lenora, Edna Ruth, Horace Colson, Howard Herman. Colson married, second, Essie Mae Woodios August 12, 1931 at Ariton. Children: James Moody, Kenneth Eugene, Sybil Mae, Lou Nell.

812. Rex Elton Grantham (788) was born June 22, 1905 in Wicksburg, Alabama. He married Vernell Hall November 7, 1927 at Midland City, Alabama. She was born May 26, 1910 at Crosby, Alabama. Children: Marvin Elton, James Ray.

813. Gladys Louise Grantham (788) was born November 7, 1907 at Slocomb, Alabama, and died November 13, 1931. She is buried at Center Ridge Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama. Unmarried.

814. Clifford Flaxon Grantham (788) was born November 7, 1910 at Slocomb, Alabama. He died July 25, 1937 and is buried at Center Ridge Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama. He married Ruby Hartley. No children.

815. Mary Lou Grantham (788) was born September 10, 1912 at Ariton, Alabama. She married Ebeese A. Teal December 13, 1932 at Ariton. He was born November 25, 1913 at Ariton. Children: Alpha Omega, Lomax A.

816. Henry Harold Grantham (788) was born September 23, 1914 at Ariton, Alabama. He married Annie Laura Jackson in 1940 at Columbus, Georgia. Children: Jack Harold, James Ronald, Carole Ann, Sharon Elizabeth, Walter Stanley, Kathy Jane, Danny Lee.

817. Joyce Annell Grantham (788) was born July 29, 1917 at Ariton, Alabama. She married Jack Kornegay June 9, 1937 at Dothan, Alabama. He was born December 12, 1914 at Dothan. Children: Walter Stanley, Jacquelyn Ann, Gary Wayne.

818. Roy Thompson (789) was born in 1907 at Atlanta, Georgia. He died in 1911 and is buried in Westview Cemetery, Atlanta, Georgia.

819. Cecil Le Galliene (789) was born in 1911 in Atlanta, Georgia, and died when nine months old. He is buried in Westview Cemetery in Atlanta.

820. Maxwell Neville Le Galliene (789) was born October 12, 1913 at Atlanta, Georgia. He is married and has children.

821. John Norman Le Galliene (789) was born December 12, 1915 at Atlanta, Georgia. He married in Atlanta and has children.

822. Lois Winifred Le Galliene (789) was born April 24, 1919 at Atlanta, Georgia. She married, first, Horace Lee Ward, January 5, 1942 at Atlanta. He was born December 21, 1913 at Macon, Georgia. Child: Brenda Love. Lois married, second, Henry Clay Nunn May 8, 1951 at Atlanta. He was born September 12, 1912 at Union Point, Georgia. Child: Janice Lynn.

823. Margie Rae Andrews (791) was born July 25, 1907 at Glenwood, Alabama. She married Jason Mullins November 16, 1924 at Brantley, Alabama. He was born December 17, 1903 in Crenshaw County, Alabama. No children.

824. Glennie Lee Andrews (791) was born August 18, 1901 in Coffee County, Alabama. She married Henry Moulton February 27, 1929 at Brantley, Alabama. He was born December 28, 1908 in Crenshaw County, Alabama. Glennie Lee died October 4, 1940 and is buried at Plant City, Florida. Children: Mary Nell, Christene, Glennie Carolyn.

825. Ida Mae Andrews (791) was born February 27, 1911 at Glenwood, Alabama. She married David E. Hudgens February 23, 1933 at Tampa, Florida. He was born December 19, 1910 at Doves, Florida. Child: James D.

826. Paul Hamel Andrews (791) was born May 3, 1912 at Glenwood, Alabama. He married Lorene Everage March 27, 1927 at Brantley, Alabama. She was born January 27, 1911 at Brantley. Children: Norma Jean, Billy Earl, Rebecca Ann, Paul Dwight, Charlotte Kay.

827. Myrtis Morrell Andrews (791) was born September 19, 1914 at Glenwood, Alabama. She married Albertie Chancellor December 18, 1937 at Brantley, Alabama. Albertie was born March 29, 1918 at Brantley. Children: Rex Morrell, Evelyn, Linda Carol, Judith Ann.

828. Ruby Love Andrews (791) was born December 28, 1916 at Brantley, Alabama. She married, first, Thomas Dewitt Perkins December 24, 1935 at Luverne, Alabama. He was born March 4, 1917 at Luverne. Children: Thomas Windham, James Orville, Philip Andrew.

Ruby Love married, second, Drew Odis Davidson November 24, 1944 at Dade County, Florida. He was born June 30, 1914 at Rentz, Georgia. Children: Larry Drew.

829. Jewel Aline Andrews (791) was born February 8, 1919 at Glenwood, Alabama. She married Dewey Elmer Milis November 7, 1935 at Luverne, Alabama. He was born September 11, 1919 at Brantley, Alabama. Children: Sara Joyce, Michael Eugene.

830. Lela Ruth Andrews (791) was born March 15, 1921. She married W. Milton Douglas July 5, 1940 at Bartow, Florida. He was born May 31, 1918 at Lulu, Florida. Children: Dianne, Linda Ruth, Theresa Gale, W. Milton, Jr.

831. Mary Helen Andrews (791) was born December 27, 1924 at Brantley, Alabama. She married William Glaros September 8, 1947 at Plant City, Florida. He was born December 31, 1922 at Akron, Ohio. Children: William Gregory, Stephen Anthony.

832. Annie Lucille Andrews (791) was born January 19, 1927 at Brantley, Alabama. She married Roy Eugene Swirling February 25, 1946 at Plant City, Florida. He was born June 9, 1921 at Apollo, Pennsylvania. Children: Gerald DeWitt, David Eugene.

833. Aubrey Lomax Andrews (791) was born January 29, 1929 at Brantley, Alabama, and died May, 1929. He is buried at Brantley.

834. John Philip Andrews (793) was born December 17, 1925 at Brantley, Alabama. He died January, 1925 and is buried at Glenwood, Alabama.

835. Willie Pearl Andrews (793) was born June 15, 1927 at Brantley, Alabama. She married Douglas Denond Mitchell December 30, 1944 at Brantley. He was born December 10, 1925 at Brantley. Children: Elton Denond, Lydia Ann.

836. Johnnie Lou Andrews (793) was born May 12, 1930 at Brantley, Alabama. She married Jesse Glen (Murph) Murph May 25, 1946 at Brantley. He was born May 15, 1925 at Brantley. Children: Carolyn Gail, Jesse Edwin.

837. Angus Daniel Eiland (794) was born December 1, 1912 at Brantley, Alabama. Single.

838. Myrtis Tranum Eiland (794) was born April 24, 1915 at Bullock County, Alabama. He married Annie Lee Perkins June 5, 1937 in Tampa, Florida. She was born May 9, 1920 in Crenshaw County, Alabama. Children: Betty Jean, Donna Faye, Billy Earl, James Kenneth.

839. Louie Merle Kennedy (794) was born June 23, 1928 at Brantley, Alabama. Single.

840. Elenor Glyn Andrews (795) was born March 4, 1924 at Luverne, Alabama. She married Earl E. Hingson March 3, 1947 at Clewiston, Florida. He was born November 24, 1921 at Nocatee, Florida. Child: Earl E.

841. DeWitt Andrews (796) was born September 12, 1329 at Biloxi, Mississippi. He married Betty Marie Walden November 27, 1949 at Lake Worth, Florida. She was born March 29, 1931 at Lake Worth. Children: Eleane, DeWitt, Jr., Linda Joan.

842. James Ernest Andrews (796) was born February 12, 1929 at Gulfport, Mississippi. He married Doris Learnett Adams March 28, 1952 at Clewiston, Florida. She was born November 1, 1934 in Colquit County, Georgia. Children: James Ernest, Jr., Steve.

843. Bobbie Mildred Grace (797) was born November 14, 1919 at Brundidge, Alabama. She married Elisha E. Acree in 1938 in Luverne, Alabama. He was born June 3, 1904 in Luverne. Children: Alvin Herbert, Lois Nell, James, Janice Gail, Sandra.

844. Ralph Grace (797) was born November 3, 1916 at Brundidge, Alabama. He married Ada Lee Ham August 2, 1938 at Troy, Alabama. She was born in Pike County, Alabama. Children: Eva Nell, Lucy, James Herbert, Jewell, Edna Lou, Lora Mae, Betty Lee, Tommie.

845. Oswell H. Spinks (784) was born August 27, 1924 at Elba, Alabama. He married Bonnie Banks December 3, 1950 in Greenville, South Carolina. She was born February 28, 1923 at Ashville, North Carolina. Child: Mildred Ann.

846. Rosemary Woodham (802) was born May 20, 1925 at Pensacola, Florida. She married Walker Bonifay March 20, 1948 at Pensacola. He was born March 20, 1924 at Pensacola. Children: Cecelia, Suzanne.

847. Gloria Patricia Woodham (802) was born February 19, 1930 at Managua Nicaragua Central America. She married Paul Rain Dawkins August 26 and August 27, 1955. He was born August 14, 1931 at Jacksonville, Florida.

Gloria and Paul had two wedding ceremonies in England. One was on August 26th in an English civil ceremony at Oxford, England, and another "in the American way" August 27th at Upper Heyford Air Force Base Chapel. Child: Daphne Patrice.

848. Donald Walker Snowden (803) was born August 5, 1931 at Montgomery, Alabama. He married Janet Rousseau at Fall River, Massachusetts, April 24, 1952. She was born January 13, 1931 at Fall River. Children: Deborah Ann, Michelle.

849. Barbara Ann Snowden (803) was born February 14, 1933 at Montgomery, Alabama. She married Francis Wesley Street at Pascagoula, Mississippi. He was born December 28, 1927 at Litchfield, Illinois. Children: Wesley Walker, Frank Albert.

850. Braxton Welch Snowden (803) was born August 26, 1936 at Montgomery, Alabama.

851. Martha Harris Snowden (803) was born December 20, 1937 at Montgomery, Alabama.

852. John Philip Snowden (803) was born September 11, 1943 at Montgomery, Alabama.

853. Pamela Snowden (803) was born September 30, 1950 at Montgomery, Alabama.

854. Arthur Conway Martin (807) was born February 15, 1905 at Jacksonville, Florida. He married Beatrice Belcher at Ozark, Alabama, January 15, 1936. She was born October 9, 1908 at Ozark. No children.

855. Inez Beatrice Martin (807) was born June 30, 1908 at Jacksonville, Florida. She married Thomas Woodrow Weston January 7, 1939 at Dothan, Alabama. He was born February 4, 1910 at Louisville, Alabama. Children: Bethany Elee, Linda.

856. Percy Melville Martin (807) was born September 15, 1910 at Jacksonville, Florida. He married Lucille Belcher November 21, 1935 at Ozark, Alabama. She was born June 4, 1914 at Ozark. Child: James Carey.

857. Lyman Ricker Chisholm (808) was born January 28, 1933 at Jacksonville, Florida, and married Alice Gail Baird January 8, 1956 at Clovis, New Mexico. She was born May 25, 1935 in Texas. Child: Lyman Ricker, Jr.

858. Lewis Mancel Hays (809) was born May 21, 1917 at Ariton, Alabama. He married Eddie Elizabeth Miller August, 1940 at Ozark, Alabama. She was born August 1, 1921 at Ozark. Child: Elizabeth Ann.

859. James Ralph Hays (809) was born January 1, 1918 at Ariton, Alabama. Single.

860. Thomas Cecil Hays (809) was born November 10, 1920 at Ariton, Alabama. He married Leona Christine Snellgrove July 18, 1945 at Ozark, Alabama. She was born December 1, 1927 in Dale County, Alabama. Children: Lynnell, Linda Christine.

861. Lester Erasmus Hays (809) vas born July 8, 1922 and married Billie Jane Carr August, 1951 at Ozark, Alabama. Child: Jack.

862. William Elton Hays (809) was born November 27, 1924 at Ariton, Alabama. He married Reba Jack Hendry April, 1944 at Madison, Florida. She was born September 8, 1925 at Shady Grove, Florida. Children: Reba Charlotte, Janice Gale.

863. Jack Jefferson Hays (809) was born September 20, 1925 at Ariton, Alabama, and died October 5, 1926. He is buried at Center Ridge Baptist Church Cemetery at Ariton, Alabama.

864. Tyras Lemuel Trawick (810) was born August 7, 1915 at Ariton, Alabama. He died April 4, 1917 and is buried at Center Ridge Cemetery, Ozark, Alabama.

865. Melza Lucille Trawick (810) was born April 14, 1918 at Ariton, Alabama, and married Carroll Garner Smith January 11, 1942 at Dothan, Alabama. He was born July 15, 1917 at Ozark, Alabama. Children: Deanna Gail, Terry Janene, Faith Anne.

866. Ross Levi Trawick (810) was born April 19, 1921 at Ariton, Alabama. He married Carrie Hartman November 17, 1941 at Abbeville, Alabama. Carrie was born February 16, 1917 at New Brockton, Alabama. Children: William Franklin, Larry Ross, David Lawrence.

867. Herbert Tillman Hayes (811) was born April 30, 1916 at Ariton, Alabama. On May 31, 1941 he married Onida Durham at Blakely, Georgia. She was born August 16, 1918 at Bluffton, Georgia. Children: Charlotte, Martha Jean.

868. Buna Lenora Hayes (811) was born January 22, 1918 at Florila, Alabama. She married Winston Jones June 25, 1936 at Blakely. Georgia. He was born September 22, 1903 at Blakely. Children: Betty, Louise, Winston, Jr., Bobby, Billy.

869. Edna Ruth Hayes (811) was born February 13, 1920 at Ariton, Alabama. She married Layne Jones July, 1938 at Blakely, Georgia. Children: Barbara Ann, Roger, Tony. Barbara Ann married Richard Lakka, and they have a son, Rickey. Edna Ruth did not return her family history sheet.

870. Horace Colson Hayes (811) was born September 23, 1922 at Ariton, Alabama. He married Ruby Juanita McDonald October 22, 1940 at Blakely, Georgia. She was born November 13, 1922 at Blakely. Children: Janice, Jerry, Gerald, Michael.

871. Howard Herman Hayes (811) was born March 17, 1927 at Columbus, Georgia. On May 9, 1948 he married Lois Auline Turner at Haines City, Florida. She was born January 25, 1927 at Haines City. Children: Howard Herman, Jr., James Keith, Deborah Elizabeth.

872. James Moody Hanes (811) was born July 3, 1932 at Ariton, Alabama. He married Mary Evelyn O'Neal October 11, 1953 at Haines City, Florida. She was born March 12, 1932 at Davenport, Florida. Children: Denise Kay.

873. Kenneth Eugene Hayes (811) married Edna Elizabeth Dowd March 18, 1956 at Kissemmee, Florida. She was born July 25, 1956 at Mt. Dora, Florida. He was born January 13, 1935 at Blakely, Georgia. Child: Kenneth Mel.

874. Sybil Mae Hayes (811) was born September 25, 1937 at Blakely, Georgia.

875. Lou Nell Hayes (811) was born June 22, 1944 at Blakely, Georgia.

876. Marvin Elton Grantham (812) was born September 20, 1928 at Dothan, Alabama. He died September 12, 1950 and is buried at Center Ridge Cemetery, Dale County, Alabama.

877. James Ray Grantham (812) was born October 22, 1930 at Dothan, Alabama. He married Margie Louise Haines at Hamilton, Georgia, December 2, 1948. Children: Davy Ray, Glenda Ann.

878. Alpha Omega Teal (815) married Edward William Koerner June 26, 1955 at Marianna, Florida. He was born May 24, 1932 at Rochester, New York. She was born July 16, 1933 at Ariton, Alabama. Children: Deborah Ann.

879. Lomax A. Teal (815) was born January 24, 1935 at Ariton, Alabama.

880. Jack Harold Grantham (816) was born March 1, 1942 in Columbus, Georgia.

881. James Ronald Grantham (816) was born May 28, 1944 at Columbus, Georgia.

882. Carole Ann Grantham (816) was born March 31, 1947 at Columbus, Georgia.

883. Sharon Elizabeth Grantham (816) was born April 9, 1949 at Columbus, Georgia.

884. Walter Stanley Grantham (816) was born June 22, 1951 at Columbus, Georgia.

885. Kathy Jane Grantham (816) was born September 16, 1952 at Miami, Florida.

886. Danny Lee Grantham (815) was born July 3, 1956 at Miami, Florida.

887. Walter Stanley Kornegay (817) was born October 25, 1939 at Dothan, Alabama.

888. Jacquelyn Ann Kornegay (817) was born January 4, 1943 at Dothan, Alabama.

889. Gary Wayne Kornegay (817) was born September 17, 1945 at Atlanta, Georgia.

890. Brenda Love Ward (822) was born May 29, 1945 at Atlanta, Georgia.

891. Janice Lynn Nunn (822) was born February 13, 1952 at Atlanta, Georgia.

892. Mary Nell Moulton (824) was born February 9, 1930 at Brantley, Alabama. She married, first, Jack Rowland September 2, 1946 at Waycross, Georgia. He was born February 27, 1926 at Franklin City, North Carolina. Children: Ronald Oreal, Deborah Ann. Mary Nell married, second, Morgan Snead April 10, 1953 at Lakeland, Florida. Child: Daniel Morgan Snead.

893. Christine Moulton (824) was born November 1, 1933 at Brantley, Alabama. She married Burt Thomas Collins March 12, 1953 at Lakeland, Florida. Child: Douglas Eugene.

894. Glennis Carolyn Moulton (824) was born October 1, 1940 at Plant City, Florida.

895. James D. Hudgens (825) was born January 31, 1934 at Plant City, Florida.

896. Norma Jean Andrews (826) was born March 1, 1938 at Brantley, Alabama.

897. Billy Earl Andrews (826) was born February 17, 1940 at Brantley, Alabama. He died May 31, 1942 and is buried at Plant City, Florida.

898. Rebecca Ann Andrews (826) was born March 11, 1942 at Brantley, Alabama.

899. Paul Dwight Andrews (826) was born November 15, 1947 at Pahokee, Florida.

900. Charlotte Kay Andrews (826) was born November 12, 1952 at Pahokee, Florida.

901. Rex Morrell Chancellor (827) was born October 7, 1938 at Andalusia, Alabama.

902. Evelyn Chancellor (827) was born February 5, 1940 at Andalusia, Alabama.

903. Linda Carol Chancellor (827) was born September 29, 1945 at Plant City, Florida.

904. Judith Ann Chancellor (827) was born November 27, 1949 at Plant City, Florida.

905. Thomas Windham Perkins (828) was born January 29, 1937 at Luverne, Alabama.

906. James Orville Perkins (828) was born March 16, 1940 at Plant City, Florida.

907. Phillip Andrews Perkins (828) was born January 2, 1942 at Plant City, Florida.

908. Larry Drew Davidson (828) was born December 4, 1951 at Plant City, Florida.

909. Sara Joyce Mills (829) was born September 14, 1937 at Brantley, Alabama.

910. Michael Eugene Mills (829) was born February 18, 1945 at Pahokee, Florida.

911. Dianne Douglas (830) was born August 31, 1943 at West Palm Beach, Florida.

912. Lila Ruth Douglas (830) was born December 30, 1947 at Pahokee, Florida.

913. Theresa Gale Douglas (830) was born August 23, 1952 at Pahokee, Florida.

914. W. Milton Douglas, Jr., was born July 30, 1954 at Pahokee, Florida.

915. William Gregory Glaros (831) was born July 30, 1948 at Plant City, Florida.

916. Stephen Anthony Glaros (831) was born December 8, 1953 at Plant City, Florida.

917. Gerald Dewitt Swierling (832) was born May 2, 1947 at Lackawanna, New York.

918. David Eugene Swierling (832) was born November 19, 1952 in Tampa, Florida.

919. Elton Denond Mitchell (835) was born July 29, 1947 at Brantley, Alabama.

920. Lydia Ann Mitchell (835) was born March 31, 1954 at Brantley, Alabama.

921. Carolyn Gail Murph (836) was born March 14, 1947 at Troy, Alabama.

922. Jesse Edwin Murph (836) was born December 11, 1948 at Brantley, Alabama.

923. Betty Jean Eiland (838) was born June 18, 1939 at Plant City, Florida.

924. Donna Faye Eiland (838) was born May 24, 1941 at Plant City, Florida.

925. Billy Earl Eiland (838) was born November 5, 1945 at Pahokee, Florida.

926. James Kenneth Eiland (838) was born February 4, 1951 at Miami, Florida.

927. Earl E. Hingson, Jr. (840) was born August 13, 1953 at West Palm Beach, Florida.

928. Eleane Andrews (841) was born August 24, 1954 at West Palm Beach, Florida.

929. Andrew Dewitt Andrews, Jr., (841) was born November 30, 1956 at West Palm Beach, Florida.

930. Linda Joan Andrews (841) was born April 27, 1959 at West Palm Beach, Florida.

931. James Ernest Andrews, Jr. (842) was born March 8, 1954 at Hollywood, Florida.

932. Steve Andrews (842) was born February 22, 1956 at West Palm Beach, Florida.

933. Alvin Herbert Acree (843) was born January 1, 1940 at Troy, Alabama.

934. Lois Nell Acree (843) was born June 4, 1944 at Troy, Alabama.

935. James Acree (843) was born August 2, 1947 at Troy, Alabama.

936. Janice Gail Acree (843) was born February 1, 1950 at Troy, Alabama.

937. Sandra Acree (843) was born February 13, 1953 at Troy, Alabama.

938. Eva Nell Grace (844) was born July 4, 1939 in Pike County, Alabama.

939. Lucy Nell Grace (844) was born June 5, 1941 in Pike County, Alabama.

940. James Herbert Grace (844) was born September 1, 1943 in Pike County, Alabama.

941. Jewell Grace (844) was born January 3, 1945 in Pike County, Alabama.

942. Edna Lou Grace (844) was born January 14, 1947 in Pike County, Alabama.

943. Lora Mae Grace (844) was born March 3, 1949 in Pike County, Alabama.

944. Betty Lee Grace (844) was born June 1, 1952 in Pike County, Alabama.

945. Tommie Grace (844) was born November 6, 1954 at Tennile, Alabama.

946. Mildred Ann Spinks (845) was born December 17, 1951 at Ashville, North Carolina.

947. Cecelia Bonifay (846) was born February 16, 1949 at Huntsville, Alabama.

948. Suzanne Bonifay (846) was born October 15, 1954 at Tuscaloosa, Alabama.

949. Daphne Patrice Dawkins (847) was born March 18, 1956 at Gainsville, Alabama.

950. Deborah Ann Snowden (848) was born February 20, 1953 at Newport, Rhode Island.

951. Michelle Snowden (848) was born June 5, 1954 at Newport, Rhode Island.

952. Wesley Walker Street (849) was born April 10, 1953 at Dothan, Alabama.

953. Frank Albert Street (849) was born March 17, 1956 at Morris, Illinois.

954. Bethany Elee Weston (855) was born August 15, 1941 at Alexander City, Alabama.

955. Linda Weston (855) was born August 9, 1953 at Alexander City, Alabama.

956. James Cary Martin (856) was born March 1, 1947 at Ozark, Alabama.

957. Lyman Ricker Chisholm Jr. (657) was born March 30, 1956 at Jacksonville, Florida.

958. Elizabeth Ann Hayes* (858) was born January 24, 1941 at Ozark, Alabama.

959. Lynnell Hayes (860) was born May 26, 1947 in Dale County, Alabama.

960. Linda Christine Hayes (860) was born February 1, 1950 in Dale County, Alabama.

961. Jack Hayes (861) was born December 3, 1951 at Ariton, Alabama.

962. Reba Charlotte Hayes (862) was born December 17, 1944 at Shady Grove, Florida.

963. Janice Gale Hayes (862) was born January 19, 1949 at Shady Grove, Alabama.

964. Deanna Gail Smith (865) was born and died April 23, 1945 at Dothan, Alabama.

965. Terry Janene Smith (865) was born May 10, 1947 at Dothan, Alabama.

966. Faith Ann Smith (865) was born June 29, 1953 at Enterprise, Alabama.

967. William Franklin Trawick (866) was born December 28, 1943 at Dothan, Alabama.

968. Larry Ross Trawick(866) was born August 18, 1946 at Dothan, Alabama.

969. David Lawrence Trawick (866) was born July 13, 1948 at Sylacauga, Alabama.

970. Charlotte Hayes (867) was born September 16, 1943 at Blakely, Georgia.

971. Martha Jean Hayes (867) was born August 17, 1947 at Blakely, Georgia.

972. Betty Jones (868) was born April 28, 1937 and married John Kelley February 2, 1956 at Albany, Georgia. He was born March 11, 1931. Child: Debra.

973. Louise Jones (868) was born March 23, 1938 at Blakely, Georgia, and married Bon Stalcup August 23, 1957 at Albany, Georgia. No children.

974. Winston Jones, Jr. (868) was born January 4, 1940 at Blakely, Georgia.

975. Bobby Jones (868) was born September 8, 1941 at Blakely, Georgia.

976. Billy Jones (868) was born August 15, 1945 at Haines City, Florida.

977. Janice Hayes (870) was born December 13, 1942 at Blakely, Georgia.

978. Jerry Hayes (870) was born August 16, 1944 at Blakely, Georgia.

979. Gerald Hayes (870) was born September 30, 1945 at Blakely, Georgia.

980. Michael Hayes (870) was born May 25, 1945, 1949 at Winter Haven, Florida.

*(Note by WAB: On prior pages, Hayes was written as Hays) ??? 22.

981. Howard Herman Hayes, Jr. (871) was born February 9, 1949 at Haines City, Florida.

982. James Keith Hayes (871) was born July 21, 1952 at Winter Haven, Florida.

983. Deborah Elizabeth Hayes (871) was born September 8, 1956 at Winter Haven, Florida.

984. Denise Kay Hayes (872) was born January 17, 1958 at Lakeland, Florida.

985. Kenneth Mel Hayes (873) was born July 11, 1957 at Kissimmee, Florida.

986. Davy Ray Grantham (877) was born January 4, 1950 in Muscogee County, Georgia.

987. Glenda Ann Grantham (877) was born August 11, 1952 at Muscogee County, Georgia.

988. Deborah Ann Koerner (878) was born April 23, 1955 at Homestead, Alabama.

989. Ronald Oreal Rowland (892) was born April 8, 1948 at Pahokee, Florida.

990. Deborah Ann Rowland (892) was born September 15, 1950 at Tampa, Florida.

991. Daniel Morgan Snead (892) was born November 7, 1955 at Lakeland, Florida.

992. Douglas Eugene Collins (893) was born November 7, 1954 at Lakeland, Florida.

993. Debra Kelley (972) was born November 24, 1956 at Blakely, Georgia.