Alsa B. McCarty married, second, Ann Reddick, born February 13, 1825 in Gates County, North Carolina. She died July 20, 1897 and is buried in the McCarty Cemetery in San Saba County, Texas. (Dates from tombstone.) They were married in Dale County, Alabama, but dates are not available as the courthouse burned in 1884. See Riddick Family history.

Ann Reddick descended from a long line of Riddicks who settled in Virginia and then overflowed into North Carolina, Gates, Perquemans and Chawan Counties, especially. Her parents moved to Georgia about 1838, and after her parents' death the children moved to Alabama. She was a "seamstress" and had a hat and dress making shop in Daleville before her marriage. After Alsa's death in 1871 she and the children tried to continue farming but finally sold the farm and moved to Texas about 1878. She lived in Nacogdoches County, and then in Limestone County for a few years, when her son Bruce and family moved to Mason County about 1882 she moved there, too. Ann bought 60 acres of land in Mason County, near Katemcy November 12, 1884 and lived there until November 21, 1891 when she sold it and moved to San Saba County where her son Bruce had moved in 1888. Here she and her daughter Clara lived in a little house near her son until her death in 1897.

Ann spelled her name "Reddick," but her brothers, John Frank and Elisha and her sisters Esther and Elizabeth retained the old spelling "Riddick," as do their descendants today. Alsa and Ann's children: Florence Mahala, John Franklin, Clara, Robert Bruce, Joanna Cleveland, Callie, Roscoe Philip, Evalina.

994. Florence Mahala McCarty (775) was born February 22, 1852 in Dale County, Alabama and died July 29, 1929. She is buried at McLean, Texas. She was named Mahala for her grandmother, Mahala Boddie McCarty. Florence married August 6, 1871 at Beulah Methodist Church, Dale County, Alabama, to John Alexander Bateman. He was born January 17, 1849 in Alabama, died in 1908 and is buried in Monument, New Mexico. Children: Clarence Lindon, Anderson Green, James Franklin, Arthur Lee, Roscoe Phillip, Mary Lizzie.

995. John Franklin McCarty (775) was born July 7, 1854 in Dale County, Alabama. He died November 4, 1930 and is buried in a cemetery between San Benito and Rio Hondo, Texas. He married his first cousin Elizabeth Evalina Trammell (1720), daughter of Mary Ann McCarty and Dr. Francis Marcellus Trammell, December 11, 1878 in Dale County. Evalina was born December 28, 1844 in Georgia and died October 17, 1925 at San Benito, Texas. She is buried beside her husband near San Benito, Texas. John was living at Forest Glade, a town then in Limestone County, near Mexia at the time of his marriage. He and his bride returned there from Alabama but remained only briefly. John was working on a cattle ranch at that time and gradually worked his way north and west to Palo Pinto, Parker, Stephens, and Shackelford counties. In 1900 on a prospecting trip he bought four sections of land in Floyd County, and later he bought land in other counties. He left his wife in Weatherford, Texas, where his daughter was in college, and he and his two sons drove his cattle to his new ranch in Floyd County. Then he built a house and settled his family there. In 1924 he saw a "Pot of Gold" in the Rio Grande Valley citrus land and sold all of his property and moved to Cameron County, Texas, to begin anew, in the very sunset of his life. He had followed many big business ventures through the years, those dealing with cattle, hogs, insecticides, and had lost heavily through the years. But he knew this move was to be the best of all.

The long move, the make-shift home on uncleared land, the leaving her home of so many years, the change of climate and environment were all too much for his 80-year-old wife. In less than eight months she was dead. Children of John and Evalina: Marcella, John William, Philip Edgar.

About 1928 John McCarty married Mrs. Mary B. Faulkner, a woman who had nursed him though an illness and they lived in his valley home until his death.

(No record of this marriage has been found.)

996. Clara McCarty (775) was born in Dale County, Alabama, about 1856. As the family Bible was lost years ago, no record of this child is available. However, she died before 1870, as she does not appear in that census. She lived to be old enough to make her own doll clothes, as her mother kept a doll she had dressed. Clara is buried in the McCarty Cemetery in Dale County. No marker.

997. Robert Bruce McCarty (775) was born June 5 1858 in Dale County, Alabama. He died March 9, 1926 and is buried in the McCarty Cemetery on the McCarty farm in San Saba County, Texas. He married Florence Ann Whitehead at Grosebeck, Limestone County, Texas, December 23, 1879. She was born May 8, 1851 in Dale County and died August 16, 1903. She is buried in the McCarty Cemetery in San Saba County. Both have markers.

Robert Bruce and Florence Ann probably knew each other in Alabama. Their families came to Texas about the same time, and both settled in Limestone County. Florence Ann's family was opposed to her marriage to Bruce, and they eloped. They lived for one year in Limestone County, and then about 1880 they moved to Palo Pinto County. Briefly they lived in Johnson County, and then for some five or six years they made their home in Mason County. From there they moved to San Saba County, by way of McCulloch County, where they bought land, in 1888, adding to their acreage yearly until they owned some 1500 acres of rich farm land. Robert Bruce was the first person in that part of the State to plant fruit orchards on a large scale with great success. However, revenue came mostly from growing cotton.

Florence Ann and Bruce had ten children, all inheriting enough of their father's temper and high good humor and enough of their mother's patience and integrity to become good citizens. When the remnants of the family now get together there are still practical jokes, and much reminiscing of the old days, when the boys put live rats and mice down their sister's backs, or when the twin girls, thinking they had centipedes in their clothing ran, nude, screaming to the house while twenty ar thirty work hands stared in open-mouthed amazement. The wonder to them now is that they all lived to maturity, what with being bitten by snakes, thrown from untamed horses, falling off the born, being smashed in windmill machinery, having diphtheria, pneumonia, typhoid, meningitis, and running through hot sand and fields of grass burrs barefoot.

In 1902 Robert Bruce went into the general mercantile business but sold out in 1909. Being Irish as he was and having a free heart and too great generosity, he was unable to cope with those to whom he extended credit and the "free loaders" all about him. He sold much of his land to satisfy his creditors, and at his death he owned only a small part of the land he and his wife had amassed. This part of the original farm still remains in the family. Children: Robert Franklin, Walter Hayer (Hare), Florence May, Alsa Benjamin, Minnie Eva, Ida Cora, Ada Lora, James Bruce, Thomas Marion, William Edwin.

Robert Bruce McCarty married, second, Mrs. Dora (Abernathy) Gholson May 4, 1910 in McCulloch County, Texas. She was born July 2, 1878 in McCulloch County. No children.

998. Callie McCarty (775) (called Clara after her sister Clara's death) was born June 5, 1860 in Dale County, Alabama. She died May 19, 1930 and is buried in The Cox Cemetery near Mercury, Texas. She married Price Scott in May, 1897 in San Saba County, Texas. Price died about 1927 and is buried in The Cox Cemetery, also. No children.

999. Joanna Cleveland McCarty (775) was born April 15, 1862 in Dale County, Alabama, and died September 28, 1919. She married George Washington (Bud) Watkins November 1878 in Dale County. He was born March 15, 1857 in Coffee County, Alabama. They are both buried in the McCarty Cemetery in Dale County, and both have markers. As Joan's mother and children were making preparations to move to Texas when Joan married, her husband always said she married him to keep from moving to Texas. Later, however, Bud and Joan did move to Texas, settling for a time in Johnson County. They were in Texas in 1882, as their second son died that year in Texas. They were back in Alabama in 1884, for their third child was born there in that year. Children: James Alsa, William Edgar, Allie Florence, Jessie Lee, John Peal, Eva Ann, Arthur Philip, Georgia Love, Vaughn Washington, Roscoe Columbus.

After her husband's death, Joan married her uncle by marriage, James Howell ( ). They separated in a short while. No children.

1000. Roscoe Philip McCarty (775) was born February 15, 1866 in Dale County, Alabama, and died November 8, 1898 at Breckenridge, Texas. He married Addie Martha Wilhelm January 15, 1890 at Katemcy, Texas. She was born October 19, 1867 in Bell County, Texas, and died August 18, 1904. She is buried at Stamford, Texas, and Roscoe is buried at Breckenridge. (Dates from family Bible owned by Mrs. J. Q. Caldwell, Lovington, New Mexico. Roscoe was killed in a gun battle in Stephens County, Texas, while trying to help his brother John in a personal fight with several other men. John was injured, and two other men were killed. Children of Roscoe and Addie: Vernon Roscoe, Lora Addie, Orland Philip.

1001. Evalina McCarty (775) was born April 5, 1859 in Dale County, Alabama, and died April 15, 1928 at Katemcy, Texas. She married Dr. Alexander Bennett McKnight April 15, 1889 at Katemcy, Texas. He was born September 10, 1861 at Murfreesboro, Tennessee. (Dates from family Bible.) Dr. McKnight was a pediatrician, and his cousin, Dr. John McKnight, was for many years director of the State Sanitorium at Sanitorium, Texas. Children: Mary Zella, Abbie Lee, Alsa Bennett, Ruby Ina, Aubrey.

1002. Clarence Lindon Bateman (994) was born June 25, 1872 in Dale County, Alabama, and died February 27, 1958 in New Mexico. He married Emma G. Parish February 26, 1910 at Barstow, Texas. She was born March 13, 1892. Children: Clarence Lindon, Jr., Maggie Florence, Arthur Lee. Emma and Clarence separated and she later lived in Portales, New Mexico.

1003. Anderson Green Bateman (994) was born July 4, 1876 in Dale County, Alabama. Green never married, and being of an adventurous nature, he traveled widely and had many interesting occupations. In 1909 he was living in El Paso, Texas, probably temporarily, and was planning a trip as guide to a group of Harvard scientists exploring islands off the coast of Mexico. About 1910 his letters to his mother ceased, and nothing more was ever heard of him definitely. In the casualty list of one of the many revolutions in Mexico the name "G. A. Bateman" appeared. The family believed that at that time he had been in a Mexican war in some capacity and had been killed.

1004. James Franklin Bateman (994) was born September 12, 1879 in Palo Pinto County, Texas. He married, first, Miss Underwood. They had one son, Wallace.

Jim married several times. His wife in 1922 was Sue. James died in 1928 and is buried at Sugar Land, Texas.

1005. Arthur Lee Bateman (994) was born May 9, 1881 in Palo Pinto County, Texas. He never married and in his later years he and his sister made their home together. He died in Oroville, California.

1006. Annie Eliza Bateman (994) was born June 28, 1884 in Mason County, Texas. She married August 14, 1904 to Asa L. Morgan in Roswell, New Mexico. Annie and Asa celebrated their golden wedding anniversary August 15, 1954 at the home of a nephew, E. O. Bateman, in Amarillo, Texas. Children: Jason James, Roscoe George, Bernard Bruce, Nora Lee.

Asa and Annie also had premature twins born May 5, 1908. They are buried in Monument, New Mexico.

1007. Roscoe Bateman (994) was born November 12, 1888 in Mason County, Texas. He died May 12, 1947 and is buried at Hot Springs, New Mexico. He married Minnie Walker, who died in 1918 and is buried at Shamrock, Texas. Children: Elbert Oren, Annie Rodia.

He married, second, Alva Etta Carter May 30, 1923. She was born February 8, 1898 at Bellewee, Texas. Child: Melva Jean. Roscoe's widow married a Mr. Hendrix and lived at Riverbank, California in 1955. She supplied this family's record.

1008. Mary Lizzie Bateman (994) was born November 5, 1892 at Gap, Texas. She never married.

1009. Marcella McCarty (995) was born November 21, 1879 in Palo Pinto County, Texas, and died November 15, 1945, and is buried at Floydada. Texas. She is named for her grandfather, Dr. Marcellus Trammell. She attended Weatherford College at Weatherford, Texas in 1898-1899. She married John Lewis West February 14, 1904 in Floyd County, Texas. He was born May 6, 1869 at Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and died June 9, 1958. He is buried at Floydada, Texas. He was the son of Benjamin Franklin West and Clarentine Mahala Tyner, grandson of Jesse West and Frances Ann Gwinn of Tuscaloosa, and great grandson of Henry and Elizabeth West of Chesterfield, South Carolina.

John received his B.S. degree from Huntingdon, Tennessee, in June, 1900. He taught school in Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennessee. He was in the real estate business in Floydada from 1902 to 1905 when he joined The Methodist Conference and served for several years as circuit minister. Later he farmed. Children: Vaughan Evelyn, Hester Dale, John Key, Benjamin Franklin, Marcella Ione, Philip Edgar.

1010. John William McCarty (995) was born June 2, 1881 in Palo Pinto County, Texas. He attended Weatherford College at Weatherford, Texas, and later was graduated from a pharmacist school. He married, first, Katie May Cooper at Stamford, Texas, who died December 7, 1907, at the birth of her first child: Katie May.

Will married, second, Effie Dell Wright in 1910. She was born November 10, 1875 at Vandalia, Illinois, and died October 8, 1945. She is buried at Whittier, California. She was a dressmaker.

Will was for many years in the drug business, having drugstores in Texico and Clovis, New Mexico, Floydada, and Fort Worth, Texas. Children: Dell Evelyn, Willie Marie, Tullabeth.

1011. Philip Edgar McCarty (995) was born March 31, 1883 at Breckenridge, Texas. He married Myra Belle Wilson daughter of the Rev. Minor Hudson Wilson and Bell Flowers, on December 24, 1911. Her father was a was a minister of The Church of Christ in Dickens County, Texas.

Edgar attended Weatherford College at Weatherford, Texas, and later took a course in business management. For a time he worked in a bank in Floydada but later returned to the ranch work, his first love. No children.

1012. Robert Franklin McCarty (997) was born January 11, 1881 in Palo Pinto County, Texas. He died August 15, 1932 and is buried in Tucson, Arizona. He married Ida Hudson December 20, 1899 in McCulloch County, Texas. She was born May 31, 1880 in McCulloch County. She died April 11, 1930 and is buried at Tucson, Arizona. Robert was a construction engineer and specialized in bridge building. Child: Marvin.

1013. Walter Hayer (Hare) McCarty (997) was born January 25, 1883 in Mason County, Texas, and died December 25, 1903. He is buried in The McCarty Cemetery in San Saba County, Texas. He was accidentally killed when he dropped a pistol. He never married.

1014. Florence May McCarty (997) was born May 11, 1885 in Mason County, Texas. She married Andrew Jackson Matlock December 25, 1902 in San Saba County, Texas. He was born April 5, 1880 in Parker County, Texas, and died August 4, 1954. He is buried in Motley County, Texas. May and Jack celebrated their golden anniversary December 25, 1952. They had lived at Northfield, Texas, since 1918, having bought farm land there and reared their children there. Their anniversary was, therefore, a community affair. Children: Walter A., Una May, Howard Conrad.

1015. Alsa Benjamin McCarty (997) was born September 25, 1887 in McCulloch County, Texas. He married Nettie Estelle Bullard March 6, 1920 in Comanche County, Texas. She was born October 30, 1899 at Idaho, Alabama. Ben died December 6, 1959 and is buried at The McCarty Cemetery in San Saba County, Texas.

Ben was a member of the Masonic Lodge and the Methodist Church. He saw service in France in World War I. He was a farmer, but in later years he worked for The Federal Government in various capacities. Estelle was a teacher in the Texas public schools for many years. She finished two years of college at Daniel Baker College at Brownwood, Texas. Children: Dorothy Jeanne, Stanley Philen, Robert Curtis, James Wesley.

1016. Minnie Eva McCarty (997) was born September 7, 1889 in San Saba County, Texas. She married George E. Tipton June 10, 1933 at Durant, Oklahoma. He was born December 17, 1885 in Cherokee County, Texas, and died April 29, 1961. He is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery in Fort Worth, Texas. Minnie died June, 1964 and is buried in Rose Hill Cemetery.

George had been in the automobile business for 30 years prior to his death. Before that he had been in mercantile business, dealt in oil leases and real estate and previous to this he and his father were engaged in ranching and farming. Minnie is a graduate of Baylor College, where she received her B. L. degree and of the University of Texas where she received her M. A. degree. She taught English and journalism in Texas high schools for 35 years. No children.

1017. Ida Cora McCarty (997) a twin to 1018 below, was born February 8, 1891 in San Saba County, Texas. She married, first, Adolph Epley at Brady, Texas, January 7, 1916. He died in 1936 and is buried in Brown County, Texas. Child: Robert Bruce. She married, second, Isaac Free August 1, 1943 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. No children: Ida is a graduate nurse and nursed for many years in and near Fort Worth, Texas. She joined the Red Cross Nursing Corps early during World War I and worked at Camp McArthur at Waco, Texas, during the war. She died and is buried at The McCarty Cemetery in San Saba County, Texas.

1018. Ada Lora McCarty (997) twin to 1017 above, was born February 8, 1891 in San Saba County, Texas. She married Alvin Ernest Neal May 28, 1910 in Brown County, Texas. He was born June 4, 1889 in San Saba County. Children: James Ernest, Bruce Neal, Inez Beatrice Neal, Harbon Alvin Neal.

Ada married, second, Tony Lewis in 1944 in San Angelo, Texas. She died there August 25, 1944 and is buried in Fairmont Cemetery at San Angelo.

1019. James Bruce McCarty was born July 10, 1893 in San Saba County, Texas. He married Emma Eliza Hazelwood February 6, 1921 at New Haven, Connecticut. She was born July 10, 1886 at Royland, Ontario, Canada, and died March 2, 1950. She was cremated in New York City.

Bruce enlisted in the Navy in 1912 and completed his four years just in time to reenlist in World War I where he worked on ships that convoyed soldiers to Europe. After the war, he worked in the Merchant Marines as an engineer for several years. Later he became an executive of a large insurance company in New York City for some twenty years. After his wife's death he came back to Texas, and he and his sister Ida, lived on the old McCarty farm, which they purchased from the other heirs. He and Em had no children. He is buried in The McCarty Cemetery at San Saba County, Texas.

1020. Thomas Marion McCarty (997) was born in San Saba County, Texas, July 9, 1895 and died July 10, 1950. He is buried in Sacramento, California. He married Ruth Aksland November 21, 1923 at Stockton, California. She was born in 1900 in Minnesota. No children.

Tom was an executive in the automobile business at the time of his death, work he entered at the end of World War I. The government would not accept him in any branch of the service because of his varicose veins and rheumatic heart. However, he joined the Texas National Guard and later attended Officers Training School at Legion, Texas. He won his officer's commission of first lieutenant just as the war ended. Tom died of lateral amyotrophic sclerosis, the disease that took Lou Gehrig, the ball player.

1021. William Edwin McCarty (997) was born February 8, 1897 in San Saba, Texas. He married Mary Philen October 30, 1926 at Robstown, Texas. Children: William Edwin, Jr., Betty.

William is the only farmer in his parents' family. He is a master farmer, and he and his son attend vast farm lands in the Nueces Valley near Corpus Christi, Texas. Mary attended Howard Payne College at Brownwood, Texas, and taught in the public schools for a few years.

1022. James Alsa Watkins (999) was born August 9, 1879 in Dale County, Alabama. He married Sallie Goff December 11, 1907 who was born in Dale County. She died November 18, 1932 and is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Ozark, Alabama. Child: James Elmore.

He married, second, Illian Kelly April 8, 1953. They separated. Alsa was living in Bonifay, Florida, in 1955.

1023. William Edgar Watkins (999) was born October 3, 1881 either in Dale County, Alabama or Texas. He died October 8, 1882 and is buried in Texas, probably Johnson County, as the family lived there in 1882.

1024. Allie Florence Watkins (999) was born April 5, 1884 in Dale County, Alabama. She married John J. Jones August 11, 1901 in Dale County. He was born January 25, 1880 and died May 3, 1954. He is buried in Pleasant Hill Cemetery near Ozark, Alabama. Allie lives alone in a small house with big rooms and a warm welcome to visitors. Sitting before the large, cheerful fireplace in her living room and listening to her tell of the McCarty family was a happy experience. Children: Georgia Selma, Joe Horace, Paul Thomas.

1025. Jessie Lee Watkins (999) was born September 27, 1856 in Dale County, Alabama.

She died February 16, 1899 and is buried in the McCarty Cemetery near Ozark, Alabama.

1026. John Pearl Watkins (999) was born January 7, 1890 in Dale County, Alabama. He married, first, Sarah Lee Bullard at Watertown, Florida. She died September 7, 1940 and is buried at Blountstown, Florida. Children: Mavis, Lillie Pearl, Berneice, Josie (who married Willard Adams and had children), Joanne, Joyce, and Gary) Rena (who married Donald Murph and had children,) Thelma who married Carlos Cook and had children), and Tom.

John Pearl married, second, Mrs. Pearl (Hendon) Williford. Children: Charles.

1027. Eva Ann Watkins (999) was born October 28, 1892 in Dale County, Alabama, and died April 22, 1931. She is buried in the McCarty Cemetery near Ozark, Alabama. She married her second cousin, George Annias Averett September 21, 1908 in Dale County, Alabama. (See her record under No. 2833)

1028. Arthur Phillip Watkins (999) was born November 18, 1894 in Dale County, Alabama. He married Mrs. Johnnie Lee (Horn) Butler. Child: Lois who married, first, Knight and second, John Mano.

Arthur married, second, Willie May Smith. No children. He married, third, Sybil Wodham. No children.

1029. Georgia Love Watkins (999) was born May 7, 1898 and died February 16, 1899. She is buried in the McCarty Cemetery near Ozark, Alabama.

1030. Vaughn Washington Watkins (999) was born May 24, 1899 in Dale County, Alabama. He married, first Nora Walker. Children: Nora, Melvin, Bessie. He married, second Melvania Fogg. They live at Slidell, Louisiana. Children: Velma May, Betty Ferne, Tommie, June, Janice, Jane (who died at age of 3), Wayne.

1031. Roscoe Columbus Watkins (999) was born August 14, 1902 in Dale County, Alabama. He married Estelle Ezell June 16, 1925. She was born January 7, 1907 at Slidell, Louisiana. They live in Mobile, Alabama, where he has a landscaping business. He is a retired postal clerk. Children: Edwin Raymond, Joseph Webster, Arthur Lloyd.

1032. Vernor Roscoe McCarty (1000) was born February 18, 1891 in Mason County, Texas. He changed his name to Edgar V. McCarty. After the death of their parents these children went to live with their uncle John F. McCarty in Floyd County, Texas. Life there was intolerable, and he and his younger brother ran away, changed their names, and just disappeared for many years.

Edgar V. married, first, Rosa Cook, February 27, 1917. No children. He married second, Mrs. Frances (Merion) Self April 10, 1935. She was born May 15, 1905. They were divorced October 25, 1944. Child: Vern Leslie. Edgar V. lives in Monterey Park, California.

1033. Lora Addie McCarty (1000) was born February 27, 1893 in Stephens County, Texas. She also lived in her uncle's home until her marriage to James Query Caldwell December 19, 1910. He was born November 9, 1980. Lora's father died when she was six and her mother died when she was eleven. Lora and Jim live in Lovington, New Mexico, where he has a trucking business. Children: Zelah Elsie, Edith Marie, James Roscoe, Orland Randolph, Ruby Venie, Alta Mae, Myrtle Evelyn.

1034. Orland Philip McCarty (1000) was born August 12, 1896 in Stephens County, Texas. changed his name to James Philip McCarty. He died April 15, 1896 and is buried in Hawthorne, Nevada, in Veterans Plot. He married Mrs. Allie (Harding) DeVore June 23, 1939 at Fruita, Colorado. She was born February 16, 1899 at Beaver City, Nevada. Children: Donald Alvin DeVore, born December 4, 1919 at Galt, California; Virginia DeVore married Robert Lewis Baker, Jr. in 1944. Orland had no children of his own, but his step-children loved him dearly and wanted to be included in his family history.

1035. Mary Zella McKnight (1001) was born August 12, 1890 in Mason County, Texas. She married Walter E. Boles November 23, 1923 at Los Angeles, California. No children.

1036. Abbie Eva McKnight (1001) was born November 17, 1892 and died December 9, 1893. She is buried at Katemcy, Texas. Never married.

1037. Alsa Bennett McKnight (1001) was born November 16, 1891 in Mason County, Texas, and died December 2, 1908 in an accident in a packing house where he was a bookkeeper. He is buried at Katemcy, Texas. Never married.

1038. Ruby Ina McKnight was born June, 1896 and died December 5, 1931. She married Joseph C. Hunt in 1955. No children.

1039. Aubrey McKnight (1001) was born November 1, 1898 in Mason County, Texas. He married Pearl Matheny at Katemcy, Texas, November 15, 1925. He died of a heart attack. He is buried at Katemcy, Texas. No children.

1040. Clarence Lindon Bateman, Jr. (1002) was born January 18, 1911.

1041. Maggie Florence Bateman (1002) was born May 23, 1913. She married, had one child, and died while young.

1042. Arthur Lee Bateman (1002) was born July 31, 1916. He married and lived at Santa Rita, New Mexico. He had one son who lived in California.

1043. Jason James Morgan (1006) was born October 13, 1905 at Merkel, Texas. He got his A.B. degree from The University of Texas and was working toward his master's degree there when he died of a ruptured appendix in 1936. He had taught at Lefors, Texas, for ten years before his death. Never married.

1044. Roscoe George Morgan (1006) was born December 12, 1909 at Monument, New Mexico. He married Elizabeth Spence June 6, 1933. Both have academic degrees and teach in Alpine, Texas. Children: Georgia Lee, Marilyn Kay, Dorothy Jane, James Ray.

1045. Bernard Bruce Morgan (1006) was born November 18. 1912 at Tell, Texas. He married Mattierue Newton June 4, 1936. Bernard has a B.S. degree from Sul Ross College at Alpine and also a degree from the University of Texas. They live at Colorado Springs, Colorado. No children.

1046. Nora Lee Morgan (1006) was born May 1, 1916 at Monument, New Mexico. She married Frank J. True at Amarillo, Texas, September 10, 1950. He was born April 19, 1913 at Fort Worth, Texas. She has a B. A. degree from Texas Tech. He is a building contractor at Burnet, Texas, and she handles the insurance business for him. No children.

1047. Elbert Oren Bateman (1007) was born October 11, 1908 and married Alta Nowlin, October 6, 1930. They live at Amarillo, Texas. Children: William Albert, Minnie Faye.

1048. Annie Rodia Beth Bateman (1007) was born October 7, 1913 at Lubbock, Texas. She married Connie Lee Davis June 25, 1930 in New Mexico. Children: Gerald Lee, James Roscoe, Charlie Edgar, Martha Sue, Carroll Ann.

1049. Melva Jean Bateman (1007) was born May 8, 1927. She married James Alton Walston December 1, 1945. They live at Santa Rita, New Mexico. Children: Gary James, Barbara Jean, Paula Faye.

1050. Vaughan Evelyn West (1009) was born January 11, 1905 at Floydada, Texas. She married Paul Bernard Murff Sept 15, 1924 at Floydada. Paul was born May 14, 1897 at Rockwall County, Texas. He is the son of Lucian N. Murff and Lucella Cockerham of Hall County, Texas; grandson of James Randal Murff and Mary Rebecca Smith of Monroe County, Mississippi; great-grandson of Waldemar Murff and Elizabeth Jane Medlock; great-great grandson of Randolph S. Murff and Elizabeth Hanna. No children.

1051. Hester Dale West (1009) was born February 13, 1908 at Floydada, Texas. She married William Ian Moore February 28, 1953 at Abilene, Texas. He was born June 15, 1904 at Alice, Texas. Hester has a B. A. degree and is a registered nurse. She served as a medical missionary of the Methodist Church in China and the Philippines for 14 years. She spent three years as a prisoner of the Japanese during the war. All prisoners were liberated from Hester's sector by the American paratroopers and ground forces from Los Banos Camp in a raid in February, 1945. No children.

1052. John Key West (1009) was born May 28, 1911 at Floydada, Texas. He married Nellie Madge Dorsey January 22, 1933 at Bovina, Texas. She was born December 28, 1913. John Key is an irrigation farmer and stockman with farms in Floyd County and a ranch in Brisco County, Texas. Children: Madge Ann, John Munsey, Winfred Alva, Chester Dale.

1053. Benjamin Franklin West (1009) was born July 12, 1916 at Floydada, Texas, and died August 13, 1918 when he was run over by a wagon. He is buried at Floydada.

1054. Marcella Ione West (1009) was born August 5, 1918 at Floydada, Texas. She married, first, William A. Clements July 9, 1936 at Prescott, Arizona. He was born July 4, 1915 at Flomot, Texas. One child: Frances Lanita. She married, second, David E. Matthews July 25, 1943 at Los Angeles, California. He was born January 10, 1912 at Reno, Nevada. Children: James Lewis, Judith Gay, Mary Kathleen.

1055. Philip Edgar West (1009) was born April 4, 1922 at Floydada, Texas. He died August 11, 1922.

1056. Katie May McCarty (1010) was born December 7, 1907. She married Darwin W. McKay. They live in San Francisco, California. No children.

1057. Dell Evelyn McCarty (1010) was born July 18, 1911 at Clovis, New Mexico. She married Harry Gist Wilson August 20, 1938 in Dallas, Texas. He was born October 11, 1909 at Colorado City, Texas. He served as major during World War II. They have a jewelry business in Redlands, California. Children: Linda Kay.

1058. Willie Marie McCarty (1010) was born April 30, 1913 at Floydada, Texas. She married Dr. Alphonse Eugene D'Elia in 1940 at Albuquerque, New Mexico. He was born July, 1908 at Long Island, New York. The family of three was killed instantly in an auto-train wreck in Los Angeles, California. Child: Gari Dell.

1059. Tullabeth McCarty (1010) was born March 28, 1915 at Floydada, Texas, and died August 8, 1932. She is buried at Fort Worth, Texas.

1060. Marvin McCarty (1012) was born September 2, 1900 in San Saba County, Texas, and died January 16, 1943 at Tucson, Arizona, where he is buried. Marvin fell from a dam while fishing, fracturing his skull. He married Flora Fuller October 12, 1935 at Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was born June 8, 1901 at Pottsville, Texas. Child: Robert Franklin, II.

1061. Walter A. Matlock (1014) was born March 30, 1904 in San Saba County, Texas. He married Virginia Roubly, but they separated. No children. He and his mother live on their farm near Northfield, Texas, and he farms.

1062. Una May Matlock (1014) was born February 1, 1907 at Roff, Oklahoma. She married Andrew Baker Simpson October 9, 1925 at Wellington, Texas. He was born September 12, 1896 at Millsap, Texas. Bake is a farmer and a stockman near Northfield and Una worked in a hospital as a nurse technician. Bake died May 11, 1972 and is buried at Northfield Cemetery at Northfield, Texas. Children: Benjamin Jackson, Lurley Yvonna, Andrew Baker, Jr., Ida May.

1063. Howard Conrad Matlock (1014) was born December 20, 1914 at San Saba, Texas. He married Ellen Stewart at Auburn, California, December 20, 1936. She was born September 1, 1917 at Tacoma, Washington. Howard retired after 20 years in the Navy and is now back on ships as representative of the Douglas Company. Children: James Andrew, Gloria Jean.

1064. Dorothy Jeanne McCarty (1015) was born December 11, 1920 at Mercury, Texas. She married Howard Chester Green April 26, 1944 at San Antonio, Texas. He was born September 6, 1916 at Fresno, California. Jeanne has three years of college work toward her degree, and Howard is a graduate of Baylor University Law School. Presently he has a law office in Chowchilla, California. He is also Judge of the Chowchilla Judicial District. Child: Kelly Eileen.

1065. Stanley Philen McCarty (1015) was born June 12, 1923 at Floydada, Texas. He married Daisy Parham at Weatherford, Texas, December 24, 1948. She was born June 10, 1916 at Burleson, Texas. Stanley did duty in the Army in England and France, during World War II. He returned to his Civil Service Position with the Federal Government after the war and was Civilian in Charge of Planning and Procedures at Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas, at the time of his death, July 8, 1951. Child: Gayla Kay.

1066. Robert Curtis McCarty (1015) was born January 23, 1925 in Comanche County, Texas. He married Edith Elizabeth (Jac) Daniel at Waco, Texas, March 28, 1947. She has a degree from Baylor University, and Robert is a graduate of Baylor University Law School. He served during World War II with the Marine Corps in the invasion of the Pacific Islands and the Occupation of Tokyo. He is presently manager of The Humble Oil Company Legal Offices at Corpus Christi, Texas. Children: Kerry, Janice Kay, Robin Elaine, Robert Lamar.

1067. James Wesley McCarty (1015) was born July 20, 1926 at Sipe Springs, Texas. He married Jimmie Ruth Miller at Waco, Texas, April 19, 1951. She was born August 15, 1929 at Turkey, Texas. Jimmie has her master's degree and is a teacher in the Texas public schools. James served the Navy on a U.S. Destroyer during World War II. He is a jeweler and lives in Lake Jackson, Texas. Children: James Michael, Sharyl Jo, Diana Jeanne.

1068. Robert Bruce Epley (1017) was born April 27, 1917 at Fort Worth, Texas. He died May 15, 1918 and is buried in the McCarty Cemetery in San Saba County, Texas.

1069. James Ernest Bruce Neal (1018) was born March 16, 1912 at Rochelle, Texas. He married Ruth Belcher at San Angelo, Texas, June 28, 1934. She was born August 10, 1965 at Cleburne, Texas. Bruce died in gasoline explosion February 11, 1935, and is buried at San Angelo. Child: Bruce Ernest.

1070. Beatrice Inez Neal (1018) was born March 2, 1914 at Rochelle, Texas. In 1933 she married Gene Grimes. No children.

1071. Harbon Alvin Neal (1018) was born January 2, 1916 at Rochelle, Texas. He married Margaret Houston November 27, 1937 at Clovis, New Mexico. He married, second, Margarette Clay March 28, 1942 at San Angelo, Texas. She was born June 15, 1915 at Claude, Texas. No children.

1072. William Edwin McCarty, Jr. (1021) was born March 3, 1933 at Corpus Christi, Texas. He married Frances Shockley July 15, 1950 at St. Mary's, West Virginia. She was born May 9, 1933 at Quail, Texas. Children: William Edwin, III, Michael Bruce, Richard Allen, Jeffrey Scott.

1073. Betty McCarty (1021)

1074. James Elmore Watkins (1022) was born June 25, 1912.

1075. Georgia Selma Jones (1024) was born June 25, 1903 at Pinchard, Alabama. She married A. G. Fuller September 13, 1930. He was born May 9, 1906 at Brundidge, Alabama. They live at Ozark, Alabama. Child: Pauline.

1076. Joe Horace Jones (1024) was born January 6, 1913 at Ozark, Alabama. He married Marewell Barwick March 5, 1946 at Newton, Alabama. She was born April 26, 1920 at Newton. Children: Judy Jane, Sammie Joe.

1077. Paul Thomas Jones (1024) was born December 20, 1925 at Ozark, Alabama. He married Priscilla Brown June 16, 1952 at Arlington, Virginia. She was born June 9, 1933 at Boston, Massachusetts. He is a Navy career man. No children.

1078. Edwin Raymond Watkins (1031) was born August 21, 1928 at Mobile, Alabama. He is an Army career man. He married Betty Foster, who was born in Miami, Florida. Children: Eddie Raymond, Larry Arthur.

1079. Joseph Webster Watkins (1031) was born December, 1934 in Mobile, Alabama. He married Pauline Roberson, who was born at Foley, Alabama. He was preparing for ministry in 1957.

1080. Arthur Lloyd Watkins (1031) was born March, 1944 at Mobile, Alabama.

1081. Vern Leslie McCarty (1032) was born January 4, 1937. He married Jackie Sanders, but they were divorced March, 1957 at Las Vegas, Nevada. Children: Michael Leslie, Barbara.

1082. Zelah Elsie Caldwell (1033) was born November 20, 1911 in Swisher County, Texas. She married, first, Richard I. Floyd at Seminole, Texas. No children. She married, second, Tim Wood, January 5, 1946 at Carlsbad, New Mexico. He was born July 26, 1904 at Graham, Texas. No children.

1083. Edith Marie Caldwell (1033) was born February 22, 1914 in Lea County, New Mexico. She married the Rev. Joseph Colquitt Quarles May 8, 1931 at Lovington, New Mexico. He was born October 26, 1910 at Wortham, Texas. The Rev. Quarles was a Baptist minister at Lovington for many years. Children: Floyd Dale, Lora Ellen.

1084. James Roscoe Caldwell (1033) was born February 1, 1916 at Lovington, New Mexico. He married Mrs. Margaret (Schooley) Griffin. Child: Patricia Ann.

1085. Orland Randolph Caldwell (1033) was born October 4, 1918 at Lovington, New Mexico. He married Rosa Bell Teas. Child: Jerry Francis. Orland married, second, Mrs. Lucille (Freeman) Weeks July 14, 1951. She was born July 21, 1916 at Lufkin, Texas. She had one child whom Orland legally adopted and changed his name to Orland Lawrence. Orland and Lucille had two children: Patti Kathleen, James Randolph.

1086. Ruby Venice Caldwell (1033) was born march 29, 1921. She married A. V. Smith June 28, 1940 at Carlsbad, New Mexico. She died July 26, 1960 in an automobile accident. Children: Sherry Kay, Robert Troy.

1087. Alta Mae Caldwell (1033) was born April 30, 1923 at Lovington, New Mexico. She married Floyd Collins Brandon April 12, 1941 at Lovington. He was born April 29, 1915 at Kirks, Arkansas. Child: Cynthia Lynn.

1088. Myrtle Evelyn Caldwell (1033) was born April 27, 1926 at Lovington, New Mexico. She married, first, Raymond Clayton at Plains, Texas. No children. She married second, James Marlowe Howard at Pueblo, Colorado. He was born 1921 at Salida, Colorado. Children: Vernon Ray, Terrance Query. Evelyn married, third, Elmer William Winte April 16, 1955 at Hobbs, New Mexico. He was born April 17, 1924 in Illinois. No children.

1089. Georgia Lee Morgan (1044) was born June 12, 1939.

1090. Marilyn Kay Morgan (1044) was born August 16, 1941.

1091. Dorothy Jane Morgan (1044) was born April 7, 1943.

1092. James Ray Morgan (1044) was born December 16, 1945.

1093. William Albert Bateman (1047) was born August 27, 1931.

1094. Minnie Fay Bateman (1047) was born March 3, 1934.

1095. Gerald Lee Davis (1048) was born June 26, 1931.

1096. James Roscoe Davis (1048) was born December 2, 1934.

1097. Charles Edgar Davis (1048) was born July 3, 1937.

1098. Martha Sue Davis (1048) was born "about" March, 1941.

1099. Carrol Ann Davis (1048) was born "about" April, 1945.

1100. Gary James Walston (1049) was born August 27, 1947.

1101. Barbara Jean Walston (1049) was born October 7, 1949.

1102. Paula Faye Walston (1049) was born January 24, 1955.

1103. Madge Ann West (1052) was born August 8, 1934 at Floydada, Texas. She married Arthur Kenneth Bean August 8, 1950 at Floydada. He was born September 18, 1929 at Silverton, Texas. Children: Sue Diane, Carla Lynette.

1104. John Munsey West (1052) was born June 20, 1937 at Floydada, Texas. He served in the Korean War with the Army 1955-1957. He married Sherre Dale Darden September 14, 1958 at Floydada. She was born April 8, 1940.

1105. Winfred Alva West (1052) was born March 22, 1939 at Floydada, Texas. He served in Germany with the Army in 1958.

1106. Chester Dale West (1052) was born March 23, 1946 at Floydada, Texas.

1107. Frances Lanita Clements (1054) was born January 20, 1940 at Los Angeles, California. She married David Smith April 25, 1958 at Woodland Hills, California.

1108. James Lewis Matthews (1054) was born May 31, 1944 at Los Angeles, California. He is a twin to No. 1109 below.

1109. Judith Gay Matthews (1054) was born May 31, 1944 at Los Angeles, California. She is a twin to No. 1108 above.

1110. Mary Kathleen Matthews (1054) was born December 20, 1954 at Canoga Park, California.

1111. Linda Kay Wilson (1057) was born November 12, 1945 at Redlands, California.

1112. Gari Dell D'Elia (1058) was born January 28, 1941 at Santa Monica, California. She died in a train-auto wreck September 11, 1944 along with her parents. She is buried at Whittier, California.

1113. Robert Franklin McCarty II was born March 23, 1937 at Tucson, Arizona. He married Aletta Hortense Brubaker August 30 1957 at Brownwood, Texas. Robert was graduated from the music department with a B.S. degree, specializing on the French horn in 1959. He spent the next two years in the Army band. Child: Marvin Robert.

1114. Benjamin Jackson Simpson (1062) was born February 29, 1928 at Northfield, Texas. He married Dale Marie Bolton July 8, 1950 at Tucumcari, New Mexico. She was born August 29, 1929 in Hall County. Jack has his B. S. degree from Texas Tech and is working with the Texas Research Foundation experiment with plant life. Divorced. No children.

1115. Lurley Yvonna Simpson (1062) was born October 8, 1929 at Matador, Texas. She married Arthur Harmon June 15, 1947 at Matador. He was born May 29, 1925 in Chillicothe, Texas. She married, second, Alan E. Bentz March 30, 1968 at San Antonio, Texas. No children.

1116. Andrew Baker Simpson. Jr. (1062) was born October 14, 1937 at Childress, Texas. He married Faythe DeLaine Love at Abernathy, Texas, January 15, 1959. She was born May 23, 1940 at Tulia, Texas. He is a graduate of Trinity College and works for the government at Carswell Air Force Base at Fort Worth, Texas. Child: Cody Baker.

1117. Ida May Simpson (1062) was born October 17, 1939 at Matador, Texas. She married Arthur Leo Sims August 17, 1957 at Northfield, Texas. He was born December 17, 1938 at Childress, Texas. He is a salesman for heating and air-conditioning firm in Lubbock, Texas. Child: Melody Michelle.

1118. James Andrew Matlock (1063) was born November 22, 1938 in Pensacola, Florida.

1119. Gloria Jean Matlock (1063) was born May 3, 1946 at Long Beach, California.

1120. Kelly Eileen Green (1064) was born March 22, 1953 at Waco, Texas.

1121. Gayla Kay McCarty (1065) was born October 7, 1949 at Fort Worth, Texas.

1122. Kerry McCarty (1066) was born May 10, 1948 at San Antonio, Texas.

1123. Janice Kay McCarty (1066) was born August 19, 1953 at Houston, Texas.

1124. Robin Elaine McCarty (1066) was born March 20, 1955 at Houston, Texas.

1125. Robert Lamar McCarty (1066) was born June 29, 1956 at Houston, Texas.

1126. James Michael McCarty (1067) was born June 28, 1950 at McAllen, Texas.

1127. Sharyl Jo McCarty (1067) was born May 30, 1952 at Harlingen, Texas.

1128. Diana Jeanne McCarty (1067) was born November 4, 1955 at Laredo, Texas.

1129. Bruce Ernest Neal (1059) was born February 22, 1935 at San Angelo, Texas. He married Beverley Ann Ballem March 13, 1959 at Fort Worth, Texas.

1130. William Edwin McCarty III (1072) was born June 17, 1951 at Corpus Christi, Texas.

1131. Michael Bruce McCarty (1072) was born July 3, 1952 at Corpus Christi, Texas.

1132. Richard Allen McCarty (1072) was born October 22, 1953 at Corpus Christi, Texas.

1133. Jeffrey Scott McCarty (1072) was born November 2, 1955 at Corpus Christi, Texas.

1134. Pauline Fuller (1074) was born October 9, 1933 at Ozark, Alabama. She married Harold Harris June 4, 1954 at Montgomery, Alabama. He was born November 24, 1925. Child: Georgette.

1135. Judy Jane Jones (1076) was born February 6, 1948 at Newton, Alabama.

1136. Sammie Joe Jones (1076) was born November 11, 1953 in Dale County, Alabama.

1137. Eddie Raymond Watkins (1078) was born January 27, 1953 at New York City, New York.

1138. Larry Arthur Watkins (1078) was born June, 1955 at Verdun, France.

1139. Michael Leslie McCarty (1081) was born January 21, 1953 at Pomona, California.

1140. Barbara McCarty (1081) was born March 11, 1954 at Pomona, California. She died there January 10, 1957.

1141. Floyd Dale Quarles (1083) was born June 5, 1932 at Lovington, New Mexico. He married Nelma Jean Branscum April 9, 1953 at Portales, New Mexico. He served in the Army from July 7, 1952 to June 15, 1954. Children: Mark Lavoy, Kay Lynn.

1142. Lora Ellen Quarles (1083) was born February 24, 1934 at Lovington, New Mexico. She married Jerald Hayes August 28, 1951.

1143. Patricia Ann Caldwell (1084) was born November 8, 1941 at Lovington, New Mexico.

1144. Orland Lawrence Caldwell (1085) was born October 26, 1944 at Alamogordo, New Mexico. (Adopted)

1145. Patti Kathleen Caldwell (1085) was born December 23, 1952 at Hobbs, New Mexico.

1146. James Randolph Caldwell (1085) was born November 5, 1954 at Hobbs, New Mexico.

1147. Cynthia Lynn Brandon (1087) was born August 8, 1954 at Odessa, Texas.

1148. Vernon Ray Howard (1088) was born September 25, 1945 at Raton, New Mexico.

1149. Terrance Query Howard (1088) was born March 2, 1948 at Lovington, New Mexico.

1150. Sue Diane Bean (1103) was born September 16, 1952 at Silverton, Texas.

1151. Carla Lynnette Bean (1103) was born April 30, 1955 at Lubbock, Texas.

1152. Marvin Robert McCarty (1113) was born at Brownnood, Texas.

1153. Cody Baker Simpson (1116) was born January 31, 1960 at Tulia, Texas.

1154. Melody Michelle Sims (1177) was born May 16, 1966 at Amarillo, Texas.

1155. Neal (1129) was born.

1156. Georgette Harris (1134) was born August 8, 1956 and died soon after birth.

1157. Mark Lavoy Quarles (1141) was born March 22, 1954 at San Francisco, California.

1158. Kay Lynn Quarles (1141) was born September 2,1955.