2038. Elizabeth McCarty (200) was born about 1832 in Edgefield, South Carolina. The 1850 census of Dale County, Alabama, gives her age as 18. At this time she was single and living in the home of her father, Judge Philip McCarty. She evidently married Thomas M. Field early in 1850 and moved to Mississippi, shortly after 1854. Her oldest child, Mary, was born in Alabama, in 1854. Elizabeth does not appear in the Dale County census after 1850. In the estate settlement of Philip McCarty, Dale County, Alabama, October 15, 1889, Vol A, P 194, is found this entry: "Elizabeth, wife of Thomas M. Field; to wit: Thomas Emma, and three others unknown." Elizabeth, no doubt, was dead and her children were declared her heirs. In the final settlement October 27, 1892 Vol. A, P. 96, is this notation: "Heirs of Thomas M. Field to wit: Emma, Mary, James, Eugene over age and reside in Texas." On P. 100 are receipts showing these persons were paid $25.30 each: Emma Harkley, Thomas M. Field, Eugene L. Field, Mary Creel, Frank Field, Mattie Ashley.

The Field children came to Texas about 1880, as Mary (Field) Creel's family appears in that census of Bowie County. The youngest Creel child, John T., is one month old and born in Texas. Eugene Creel is shown with the Creel family. Whether Elizabeth and her husband came to Texas is not known. They have not been found in any Texas census, and if they are buried in any of the cemeteries near the old Creel home, they have no markers. Their children: Mary Rebecca, Emma, Mattie, Thomas M., Eugene L., Frank.

2039. Mary Rebecca Field (2038) was born March 29, 1854 in Alabama, and died December 1, 1928. She is buried in Bluff Creek Cemetery in Polk County, Texas. She married in Mississippi to "Tink" Graham [NOTE: according to Kelly Parks, Tink's name was Jonathan E. Graham, son of Irvin ] who was killed there between the birth of their last child, in 1876, and her marriage to James T. Creel in 1878. Her Graham children: William E., Mollie. Mary married, second, James T. Creel, a widower with four children. All of these Creel children remained in Bowie County Texas, where they settled after coming from Mississippi to Texas, and many of their descendants still live there. They seem, however, to know nothing about the second set of Creel children. Mary Rebecca and Jim Creel 's children: Tom, Rissa, Mattie, Walter, Emma Florence, Charles Earl.

2040. Emma Field (2038) remains a mystery. That she was living in Texas in 1892 and that she was married to a man named Harkley is certain, for the court records in the settlement of the estate of Phillip McCarty so state. She was given her part of the estate as "Emma Harkley."

2041. Mattie Field (2038) married "Buck" Ashley some time before 1892, as she was given her part of the Philip McCarty estate at that time as Mattie Ashley. They once lived in Bowie County, Texas, but moved from there to Polk County, Texas, relatives say. They had children, Rose, Katie, and Alfred. Nothing else could be learned about this family.

2042. Thomas M. Field, Jr. (2038) was married to Rebecca Martin January 21, 1885 at Paris, Texas, by J. R. Ryan, justice of the peace. Relatives say he might have lived near Hobart, Oklahoma, but extended search of that area did not reveal anything about him or his family.

2043. Eugene L. Field (2038) was born about 1861 in Mississippi, according to the Bowie County census of 1880. He was called "Bun" by his family. He was married to Purney Reynolds July 4, 1897 at Paris, Texas, by C. F. Dawson, an ordained minister, according to the Lamar County, Texas, marriage records. They had at least two daughters, Minnie and Willie Mae. Nothing more is known of Eugene.

2044. Frank Field (2038) is listed in the estate settlement of Judge Philip McCarty as having received a share of his mother's estate in 1892. Relatives say he died young. In an earlier part of the estate settlement a James Field was mentioned at an heir, but no relative ever heard of him. It is possible that Frank's name was James Frank Field.

2045. William E. Graham (2039) was born about 1874 in Mississippi (1880 Bowie County, Texas census). He married Alma Collins, and they live near Livingston, Texas. Children: Nell, Mac, Netta (dead), Willie May.

2046. Mollie Graham (2039) was born about 1875 in Mississippi (1880 Bowie County, Texas, census). She married Jess Sumarals (Sometimes Summers). They are buried at Menard Chapel, Polk County, Texas. Children: Mary married Foster Musgroves and lives at Houston, Texas; Alfred had a family - now dead; Willie, married; Charlie; a girl; Frank, married.

2047. John Tom Creel (2039) was born May 17, 1880 and died October 1, 1905. He is buried at Bluff Creek Cemetery in Polk County, Texas. Unmarried (Dates from marker.)

2048. Rissa Creel (2039) was born April, 1882 in Bowie County, Texas, and died September 22, 1944. She is buried in Bluff Creek Cemetery in Polk County, Texas. She married Willard Hinson, who is now dead. Children: Ruby, Luther. Ruby married Bud Oliver, now dead. Ruby lives in Cleveland, Texas, with some of her children. Luther Hinson married, but nothing more is known of him.

2049. Mattie Creel (2039) married Will Foye, now dead. Children: Mae, who married; Theodora, never married,; Hiram, died young; Mattie married second Arthur Simmons, now dead. She now lives on the Texas coast.

2050. Walter Creel (2039) was born April 30, 1887 in Bowie County, Texas. His family later moved to Polk County, Texas, and he married Mildred Dillon there December 16, 1906. She was born November 17, 1889 in Polk County. Walter farmed and was for many years locomotive engineer. He retired because of family eyesight and hearing. Now he and Mildred live on what was his parents' old home place at Soda, near Livingston, Texas. Children: Leonard, Lillia, James Knox.

2051. Emma Florence Creel (2039) was born March 15, 1891 near New Boston, Texas. She married Elijah H. Moye August 13, 1910 at Kountz, Texas. He was born January 4, 1892 at Dollarsville, Texas, and died August 21, 1957. He is buried in Big Sandy Cemetery, Polk County, Texas. Children: Mattie Arilla, James Thomas, Mary Evelyn, Doris Lee.

2052. Charles Earl Creel (2039) was born February 10, 1895 in Bowie County, Texas. He married Bessie Rosa Barnett February 25, 1917 at Livingston, Texas. Children: Mary Lucile, Jack Waggoner, Billy Virginia, Rose May (Macy).

2053. Leonard McCarter Creel (2050) was born October 14, 1907 in Polk County, Texas. He married Ivy Myers April 24, 1937. Child: Leonard Levene.

2054. Lillian Creel (2050) married first, Clinton Meadows in 1926. One child: Amey. She married second Paul Palmer. No children. She was born January 14, 1910 in Polk County, Texas.

2055. James Knox Creel (2050) was born April 24, 1918 in Polk County, Texas. He married Louise Johnson. No Children

2056. Mattie Arilla Moye (2051) was born April, 1911 at Bragg, Texas. She married Willie Placker at Livingston, Texas. Children: Mae, Loan C. She married second, Grady Thompson. No children.

2057. James Thomas (Dick) Moye (2051) was born September 14, 1915 at Melvid, Texas. He married and had these children: James Thomas, Jr., Sue.

2058. Mary Evelyn Moye (2051) was born March 17, 1918 at Hemphill, Texas. She married Homer Dee Nelson May 21, 1938 at Cold Springs, Texas. He was born June 2, 1919 at Nacogdoches, Texas. Children: Eugene, Emma, Ann, Evelyn Virginia, Jimmie Don.

2059. Doris Lee Moye (2051) was born October 3, 1925 at Livingston, Texas. She married a Mr. [Vincent] Brocato. Children: Paulette, Mary Katherine.

2060. Mary Lucille Creel (2052) was born December 17, 1919. She married Bronson Richardson August, 1943. Children: Ronald Gene, Elizabeth Ann.

2061. Jack Waggoner Creel (2052) was born July 2, 1922 at Livingston, Texas. He married Belvia Rice. Children: Jackie Elaine, Jack Wayne.

2062. Billy Virginia Creel (2052) was born May 3, 1925 at Camden, Texas. She married Joseph Banghart. Child: Joe Linn.

2063. Rose Mae (Macy) Creel (2052) was born December 15, 1930 at Jasper, Texas.

2064. Leonard Levene Creel (2053) was born February 22, 1946.

2065. Mae Placker (2056) was born January 24, 1924 at Soda, Texas. She married a Mr. [Eugene] Acrement. Children: Eugene Warren, James, a daughter Eloise.

2066. Loan C. Placker (2055) was born May 17, at Blox, Texas. He was in the service in 1957.

2067. James Thomas Moye (2057) was born July 2, 1949 at Livingston, Texas.

2068. Sue Moye (2057) was born in 1952.

2069. Eugene Nelson (2058) was born June 25, 1939.

2070. Emma Ann Nelson (2058) was born September 13, 1944.

2071. Evelyn Virginia Nelson (2058) was born May 12, 1947.

2072. Jimmy Don Nelson (2058) was born January 14, 1950 [, in Livingston, Texas].

2073. Paulette Brocato (2059) was born January 22, 1944 at Houston, Texas.

2074. Mary Katherine Brocato (2059) was born February 24, 1945 at Houston, Texas.

2075. Ronald Gene Richardson (2060) was born December 12, 1942 at Livingston, Texas.

2076. Elizabeth Ann Richardson (2060) was born April 24, 1945 at Houston, Texas.

2077. Eugene Warren Acrement (2065) was born September, 1945 at Houma, Louisiana.