1989. Martha (Mattie) A. McCarty (200) was born November 27, 1828 in Edgefield District, South Carolina. She died December 28, 1898 and is buried in Corinth Cemetery near Timson, Texas. (Dates from tombstone) From Barbour County, Alabama, marriages filed in Montgomery, Alabama, we find this record: "Martha McCarty married John M. Lightner May 16, 1844." If this date is correct, she married when she was 16 years old. There is no family Bible record of Martha's birth or marriage, but her oldest child, Penelope, (Nellie or Nep) was born January 9, 1859, fifteen years after Martha's marriage. There is no proof that a John M. Lightner born July 26, 1824 and died May 28, 1858 was Martha's first husband. He is buried in the Lightner Cemetery near Clayton, Barbour County, Alabama. The father was Michael Lightner born October, 1791 and died September 19, 1866. Beside him is Sophia Lightner, consort of Michael. No dates. The locale and dates would seem to indicate that this John M. Lightner was Martha's husband. They had two children: Nellie and Sophronia. The 1860 census of Barbour County, Alabama, lists Martha as the head of a household owning 21 slaves. This indicates she was a widow.

Martha married, second, John A. Keith. In 1860 they were living in Dale County, Alabama, but as the Dale County records burned in 1885, no marriage record for them can be found. From the war records at Montgomery, Alabama, is a payroll dated August 31, 1854 near Bunker Hill, Virginia showing a J. A. Keith Pvt. Co. H (formerly Co. G) 6th Alabama Inf. Reg., C.S.A. He was from Dale County, Alabama. This note was added: "Absent, wounded, since May 7, 1864." None of John's descendants know when he died or where he is buried.

Martha probably came to Texas in 1877 or 1878 when many families pulled up stakes in Dale County and came to Texas. Her oldest daughter, Nellie, married in Texas in either 1877 or 1878; so Martha was in Texas at this time. Keith children: Lura, Walter.

Martha was a teacher in the East Texas schools and rode a little pony to and from school.

1990. Nellie (Penelope) Lightner (1989) was born January 9, 1859 in Alabama, according to census records, and died August 14, 1943 at the home of her daughter Willie Birdwell at Lufkin, Texas. She is buried at Lynflatt Cemetery in Nacodoches County, Texas. She married William Alanzo Acrey at Mt. Pleasant, Texas, in 1877 or 1878. He was born March 14, 1854 at Mt. Pleasant and died March 5, 1926. Children; Virgil, Marietta, Rosella, Willie Viola. Nellie married, second, Marion Lloyd, a man much younger than she was. After two or three years they were divorced. Nellie was well to do financially. having inherited property from her father's family.

1991. Sophronia Lightner (1989) was born in Alabama in 1860, according to the Dale County 1870 census. Relatives say Sophronia was known as "Molly" and that her name was probably Mary Sophronia. She lived in Texas, and in 1914 her daughter, Mary Rogers, visited relatives in Lufkin, Texas. She had a daughter, Bertha and had been married twice. They were living in Houston, Texas, in 1914, but all efforts to locate them recently have proved futile.

1992. Lura Keith (1989) was born about 1865 in Alabama (1870 census) she died when she was 12 or 14 years old, but whether in Alabama, or Texas is not known.

1993. Walter Keith (1989) was born March 16, 1869 in Alabama, probably Dale County, as the family was there in 1870. He died April 19, 1940 and is buried in the Corinth Cemetery near Timpson, Texas. He married Ella A. Milford October 10, 1897 in Shelby County, Texas. She was born February 20, 1883 in Timpson. Children: Nora Emma, Vernon Watson, Dewey Walter, Donnie Raymond, Emma Jane, an unnamed infant, Euel Edward, Rosella, Ouida Sylvia, Marjorie.

1994. Virgil Acrey (1990) was born November, 1878 at Mt. Enterprise, Texas. He married first, Sarah Julia Green, who was born in 1875. They were divorced. She died February 20, 1953 and is buried in Shiloh Cemetery in Rusk County, Texas. Children: Etta, Arlin. Virgil married, second, but his wife's name is unknown. There were divorced. Children: Leo (who married Vernon Little and lives in Houston), Verna, Virgil, Jr. He married, third, but this wife's name is also unknown. They had two children, names unknown. Virgil was living at Cushing, Texas, in 1956.

1995. Marrietta Acrey (1990) was born October 30, 1880 at Mt. Enterprise, Texas, and died there in 1895.

1996. Rosella Acrey (1990) was born July 24, 1883 at Mt. Enterprise, Texas, and died there in 1907.

1997. Willie Viola Acrey (1990) was born May 18, 1892 at Mt. Enterprise, Texas. She married Matthew Birdwell September 6, 1912 at Trawick, Texas. Children: Francis Marion, Ennis Matthews, Jeta Philip, Estella, William Culler, Ezekiel Paul, J.C., Nellie Julia.

1998. Nora Etta Keith (1993) was born December 9, 1898 at Timpson, Texas. She died there February, 1899 and is buried in Corinth Cemetery near Timpson.

1999. Vernon Watson Keith (1993) was born March 21, 1902 at Timpson, Texas. He married Zeravell Britton July 26, 1926 in Rusk County, Texas. She was born February 15, 1910 at Carthage, Texas. No children.

2000. Dewey Walter Keith (1993) was born June 21, 1903 at Timpson, Texas. He married Drury Golden at Timpson October 24, 1934. She was born April 27, 1904 at Center, Texas. Children: Golda Ann, Dewey David, Walter William, Betty Sue, Thomas Harold, John L.

2001. Emma Jane Keith (1993) was born October 12, 1905 at Timpson, Texas, and died about 1907. She is buried in Corinth Cemetery near Timpson.

2002. Donnie Raymond Keith (1993) was born September 3, 1907 at Timpson, Texas. He married Loreta Ward June 20, 1931 at Timpson. She died August 12, 1932 and is buried in Corinth Cemetery near Timpson. Child: Annie Loveall. Donnie married, second, Orell Barnes April 31, 1935. She was born July 17, 1916. Children: Donald Ray, Alice Marie.

2003. Euel Edward Keith (1993) was born May 13, 1913 at Timpson, Texas, and is married.

2004. Rosella Keith (1993) was born May 13, 1913 at Timpson, Texas. She married J. D. Brassel, Jr., September 22, 1951 at Henderson, Texas. He was born March 17, 1906 at Carthage, Texas. He is seaman for Standard Oil out of New York. No children.

2005. Ouida Sylvia Keith (1993) was born June 22, 1916 at Timpson, Texas. She married Vernice Robert Dillion at Timpson August 22, 1935. Children: Shirley Ray, Robert Edward.

2006. Marjorie Keith (1993) was born July 23, 1923 at Timpson, Texas. She married L. T. McFadden, and they live in Houston, Texas.

2007. Etta Acrey (1994) was born August 25, 1903 at Mt. Enterprise, Texas. She is married but has no children.

2008. Arlin Acrey (1994) was born February 18, 1905 at Mt. Enterprise, Texas. He married Madge Faye Hudman January 16, 1934 at Mt. Enterprise. She was born in 1912 in Panola County, Texas. Children: Dorothy, Virginia Arlene, James Edward, Billie Faye, Joe Mark.

2009. Frances Marion Birdwell (1997) was born August 6, 1913 at Trawick, Texas. He was named for his mother's cousin, Francis Marion Averett. Francis married Mrs. Daisy Tony. Child: Bobby Jean.

2010. Ennis Matthew Birdwell (1997) was born July 25, 1914 at Trawick, Texas. He married Doris Childress.

2011. Jeta Philip Birdwell (1997) was born August 8, 1915 at Trawick, Texas. He married Elanor Keel. Child: Bonnie. He married, second, La Vell Oliver. No children.

2012. Estella Birdwell (1997) was born September 17, 1917 at Trawick, Texas. She married Glenn Griffeth, but they were divorced. One child: Jerry. Estella is a public school teacher.

2013. William Cullen Birdwell (1997) was born January 13, 1921 at Trawick, Texas. He married Ann Bailey. Children: Judy Ann, William Cullen, Jr., Janette.

2014. Ezekiel Paul Birdwell (1997) was born June 20, 1925 at Trawick, Texas. He married Virginia Warren. Children: Paul, Max, Sandra.

2015. J. C. Birdwell (1997) was born August 13, 1926 at Calmesneil, Texas. He married Daisy------. No children:

2016. Nellie Julia Birdwell (1997) was born June, 1932. She married Chester (Buck) Sloan. Children: Ronnie, Brent.

2017. Golda Ann Keith (2000) was born March 28, 1937 at Timpson, Texas. She works in Houston. Texas.

2018. Dewey David Keith (2000) was born April 10, 1939 at Timpson, Texas.

2019. Walter William Keith (2000) was born April 26, 1940 at Timpson, Texas.

2020. Betty Sue Keith (2000) was born February 2, 1943 at Timpson, Texas.

2021. Thomas Harold Keith (2000) was born August 11, 1944 at Timpson, Texas.

2022. John L. Keith (2000) was born September 9, 1949 at Timpson, Texas.

2023. Annie La Vell Keith (2001) was born July 20, 1932 at Timpson, Texas. She married Calvin Reed Miller November 17, 1949 at Center, Texas. He was born in 1916 at Shelbyville, Texas. Children: Elizabeth Geraldine, Carroll Ray.

2024. Donald Ray Keith (2001) was born July 31, 1936 at Timpson, Texas. He died March 13, 1943 and is buried in the Corinth Cemetery near Timpson.

2025. Alice Marie Keith (2001) was born May 28, 1945 at Timpson, Texas.

2026. Shirley Ray Dillon (2005) was born September 16, 1936 at Timpson, Texas.

2027. Robert Edward Dillon (2005) was born November 16, 1943 at Houston, Texas.

2028. Dorothy Acrey (2008) was born October 31, 1929 at Long Branch, Panola County, Texas. She married Joseph Reese, who was born November 24, 1929. Child: Phyliss Ann.

2029. Virginia Arlene Acrey (2008) was born March 5, 1935 at Long Branch, Texas. She married B. H. Churchman. Children: Howard Wayne, Michael Ray.

2030. James Edward Acrey (2008) was born July 7, 1939 at Long Branch, Texas.

2031. Billy Faye Acrey (2008) was born December 24, 1945 at Mt. Enterprise, Texas.

2032. Joe Mark Acrey (2008) was born February 2, 1953 at Garrison, Texas.

2033. Elizabeth Geraldine Miller (2023) was born September 2, 1950 at Center, Texas.

2034. Carroll Ray Miller (2023) was born March 19, 1953 at Center, Texas.

2035. Phyliss Ann Reese (2028) was born November 18, 1951 at New Orleans, Louisiana.

2036. Howard Wayne Churchman (2029) was born August 25, 1954 at Center, Texas.

2037. Michael Ray Churchman (2029) was born March 6, 1956 at Bremerton, Washington.