2680. Walter D. McCarty (200) was born January 19, 1835 in Edgefield District, South Carolina, and died July 29, 1886 suddenly. He married Martha A. Brooks, who was born August 18, 1839, and died February 3, 1910. Both are buried in the McCarty Cemetery on the grounds of Fort Rucker near Ozark and Daleville, Alabama. She had a marker. Walter, like his brothers and sisters, lived on the farm his father gave him when he and Martha married. He operated a grist mill. After Walter's death, Martha married Jim Fowler.

Walter was a practical joker, as were his brother Jeter and his half brother Alsa. They all liked to hunt and fish, and while indulging in this pastime, they were not above taking a nip now and then to make the hunting worth their time. Their hunting trips consisted mostly of plots and plans against the other fellow, no matter the cost in short tempers. Walter and Martha's children: Georgia Eugenia, Mary Sophronia, Emma F. 2681. Georgia Eugenia McCarty (2680) was born February 25, 1859 in Dale County, Alabama, and died May 8, 1939 at Enterprise, Alabama. She married William (Bill) Henry Godwin, in 1877. He was born November 19, 1853, and died November 13, 1931 at Enterprise. Children: Walter W., Lilla A., Ari Aster (Oscar) Grover Cleveland, Brady Eugene, Tully D. L. 2682. Mary Sophronia McCarty (2680) was born May 18, 1861 at Enterprise, Alabama, and died January 28, 1935, at Athens, Texas. She married Wesley Griffin Crumpler November 25, 1880 in Alabama. He was born September 11, 1850 at Daleville, Alabama, and died February 20, 1940 at Athens. This family came to Texas about 1900 and settled first in Tyler County. They went an to Sabine County and finally settled permanently in Henderson County. Wes was interested in the lumber business and later in the cottonseed oil business, which his brother Ollie helped him establish. He was considered a wealthy man. Children: Alto Vee, Trellis, Walter Emmett, Griffin, Prentice, Mamie Bell, Mary Clifford, George Carroll.

2683. Emma F. McCarty (2680) was born March 27, 1864 in Dale County, Alabama, and died June 8, 1895. She is buried at Cool Springs, Coffee County, Alabama. She was affectionately known as "Little Walt" all of her life. Two stories explain this nickname. One story is that her father hoped for a boy, and when the baby turned out to be a girl, he gave her a boy's name anyhow. The other story says Emma was so much like her father in temperament and disposition that she earned the name. She married Jesse E. Brunson January 17, 1886 at her parents' home in Dale County. He was born May 16, 1859 in Coffee County, Alabama, and died May 21, 1934. He is buried at Cool Springs, Alabama. (Dates from family Bible) Jesse was the son of John Brunson, Jr., and had brothers John, Jr., Sam Jarrett, Mariott (called Mary.)

Jesse and Emma's children: Frederick, Mollie, J. Raymer.

After Emma's death Jesse married Ola Beatrice Auston (1544), Emma's cousin once removed.

2684. Walter W. Godwin (2681) was born June 18, 1879 in Dale County, Alabama, and died December 14, 1913 in Coffee County. He married Rena Brunson December 25, 1899 in Coffee County, Alabama. Rena was a niece of Jesse Brunson, who married Emma McCarty. Children: Leo Godwin, who was killed by falling timber when he was about 18 years old; Izora, Nora, Mattie Bell, William, Elizabeth, who married a Mr. Wimberley.

2685. Lilla A. Godwin (2681) was born February 27, 1881 in Dale County, Alabama, and died October 8, 1882. She is buried in the McCarty Cemetery near Daleville, Alabama.

2686. Ari Aster (Oscar) Godwin (2681) was born April 1, 1883 in Dale County, Alabama. He married Damaris Hood January 7, 1905. She was born October 18, 1881 in Dale County, and died February, 1920. She is buried at Cool Springs, Coffee County, Alabama. Children: Robert, Wyman, Buna Lee, Carl Edwin, Arthur, Billy.

Oscar married, second, Willie Lee Ethridge, who was born May 17, 1891 at Clio, Alabama. Children: Lucille, Adolph Ethridge, Elma, Ralph Lewis, Tommy.

2687. Grover Cleveland Godwin (2681) was born February 23, 1883 in Dale County, Alabama. He married Mollie A. Ethridge December 23, 1906. She was born December 8, 1887 in Dale County and died February 13, 1941. She is buried at Cool Springs, Coffee County, Alabama. She and Willie Lee Ethridge, who married Oscar Godwin, were half sisters. Children: Arvie Mae, Mary Voncille, Gladys, Hilda Marie, Thomas Cleveland, Coston Bennett.

2688. Brady Eugene Godwin (2681) was born March 24, 1887 in Dale County, Alabama, and died February 8, 1928 of Multiple Sclerosis. He married Maude Mae Matthews December 7, 1918 in Geneva County, Alabama. She was born April 1, 1893 in Dale County. She now lives at Pritchard, Alabama. Children: Evelyn Ruth, Damon L., Brady Eugene, Jr.

2689. Tully D. L. Godwin (2681) was born in 1889 in Coffee County, Alabama, and died in 1907 in Coffee County. Unmarried.

2690. Alto Vee Crumpler (2682) was born March 18, 1882 in Coffee County, Alabama, and died August 24, 1928 at Brookeland, Jasper County, Texas. He married Lora Hooks May 28, 1905 at Spurger, Tyler County, Texas. She was born February 7, 1884. He was a dentist. Children: Sybil Blanche, an infant boy (a still birth) Joe Baily, an infant boy (a still birth), Vera Viola, Leathe Mae, Mary Sophronia, Wesley Griffin, Marvin Olin.

2691. Trellis Crumpler (2682) was born between 1882 and 1886 and died at age of eight, relatives say.

2692. Dr. Walter Emmett Crumpler (2682) was born May 26, 1886 in Alabama and died January 8, 1945. He married Sue Mae Edwards December 18, 1910 at San Antonio, Texas. Sue Mae was born in Tennessee. She now lives in Port Arthur. Dr. Crumpler was a medical practitioner. Child: Walter Emmett, Jr.

2693. Griffin Crumpler (2682) was born between 1885 and 1888 in Alabama and died at the age of five.

2694. Prentice Crumpler (2682) was born November 15, 1888 at Woodville, Texas, and died January 24, 1952. He married Roberta Porter April 25, 1912 at Wallis, Texas. She was born November 8, 1893 at Caldwell, Texas, and died May 7, 1953. They are buried at Wills Point, Texas. Prentice was a pharmacist. Children: Prentice, Jr., Hulen Porter.

2695. Mamie Bell Crumpler (2682) was born February 23, 1896 at Spurger, Texas. She married James Lucius Sharpe August 9, 1914 at Brookeland, Texas. She was born in San Augustine, Texas. They live at Shreveport, Louisiana, and he in a ginner at nearby Slego, Louisiana. No children.

2696. Mary Clifford Crumpler (2682) was born October 9, 1902 at Spurger, Texas. She married James Byron Rickman September 3, 1922 at Kaufman, Texas. He was born January 21, 1903 at Graham, Texas. He is with the Electric Company of Perryville, Missouri. Child: Charlotte Bell.

2697. George Carroll Crumpler (2682) was born May 31, 1904 at Spurger, Texas, and died November 15, 1946. He is buried in Grove Hill Cemetery in Dallas, Texas. He married Grace Harris January 25, 1925 at Athens, Texas. She was born September 30, 1905. They were divorced about 1937. Child: George Carroll, Jr. George married second, Mrs. Velma Center. No children.

2698. Frederick Brunson (2683) was born May 17, 1887 in Coffee County, Alabama and died May 3, 1941. He is buried in Providence Cemetery, Clayhatchee, Alabama. He married Elizabeth Pouncy March, 1910 at Enterprise, Alabama. She was born May 29, 1891 at Clayhatchee. Children: Emma Bell, George Relius, Clarence Fred.

2699. Mollie Brunson (2683) was born February 1, 1890 and died in infancy. She is buried in Coffee County, Alabama.

2700. Raymer J. Brunson (2683) was born November 5, 1894 at Cool Springs, Alabama. He married Corrie Alice Jones February 1, 1920 at Orlando, Florida. Children: Lolly, Larry, twins.

2701. Robert Godwin (2686) was born October 9, 1905 at Enterprise, Alabama. He married Mollie Windham Gilmore January 7, 1926 in Geneva County, Alabama. Child: Bobby J.

2702. Wyman Godwin (2686) was born October 20, 1908 at Enterprise, Alabama. He married Rebecca Brown. Children: Janice Elaine, Von Daniel, Vicky, Danny Hale.

2703. Buna Lee Godwin (2686) was born September 25, 1911 at Enterprise, Alabama. She married L. C. Brunson, Jr. at Enterprise February 14, 1924. He was born January 27, 1907 in Coffee County, Alabama. The grandson of John Brunson, brother of Jesse Brunson No. 2683. Children: Carolyn, Joyce, Harrison.

2704. Carl Edwin Godwin (2686) was born March, 1911 at Enterprise, Alabama. He married Mary Ruth Brunton in 1933. She was the granddaughter of Sam Brunson, brother of Jesse Brunson, No. 2683. Children: Harold, Angelina, James Arthur.

2705. Arthur Godwin (2686) was born March 23, 1917 at Enterprise, Alabama. He married Polly Sides in 1949. Children: Damaris Leigh. Philip.

2706. Billy Godwin (2686) was born November, 1919 at Enterprise, Alabama. He married Maude Layton. Children: Vanda, Randy.

2707. Lucille Godwin (2686) was born November, 1922 at Enterprise, Alabama. She married Henry Franklin Hollis in 1939 in Coffee County, Alabama. He was born January 15, 1916 in Coffee County, Alabama. Child: Rosyln.

2708. Adolph Ethridge Godwin (2686) was born December 28, 1925 at Enterprise, Alabama.

2709. Elma Godwin (2686) was born in 1929 at Enterprise, Alabama. She married Henry Clayton Walden June 15, 1945 in Coffee County, Alabama. He was born April 9, 1922 in Dale County, Alabama. Child: Brenda Joyce.

2710. Ralph Lewis Godwin (2686) was born August 29, 1931 at Enterprise, Alabama.

2711. Tommy Godwin (2686) was born March, 1932 at Enterprise, Alabama. He married Joyce Caigo in Coffee County, Alabama.

2712. Arvie Mae Godwin (2687) was born December 29, 1907 in Coffee County, Alabama. She married there April 28, 1928 to Dewey Block, who was born in Dale County, Alabama. Child: Gene.

2713. Mary Voncille Godwin (2687) was born July 30, 1903 in Coffee County, Alabama. She married there December 15, 1927 to John Maund. Children: John Douglas, Mary Jacaquline, Joe William, Joan.

2714. Gladys Godwin (2687) was born May 4, 1915 in Coffee County, Alabama. She married Fred Sherer there August 12, 1933. Children James Wyley, Jackie Steve.

2715. Hilda Merle Godwin (2687) was born and died February 13, 1918 in Coffee County, Alabama.

2716. Thomas Cleveland Godwin (2687) was born October 13, 1920 in Coffee County, Alabama and died there October 16, 1920.

2717. Coston Bennett Godwin (2687) was born January 6, 1926 in Coffee County, Alabama, and married Louise Walden there September 30, 1947.

2718. Evelyn Ruth Godwin (2688) was born December 1, 1919 at Enterprise, Alabama, and married Cary L. Rigby there November 9, 1942. She was born at Atmore, Alabama. No children.

2719. Damon L. Godwin (2688) was born January 30, 1923 at Enterprise, Alabama. He married Margaret Harrison February 9, 1951 at Mobile, Alabama. She was born December 25, 1930 in Mississippi. Children: Paula, Larry.

2720. Brady Eugene Godwin, Jr. (2688) was born February 7, 1928 at Enterprise, Alabama. He married Jo Carolyn Lister February 17, 1955 at Mobile, Alabama. She was born January 17, 1932 at Creola, Alabama. Child: Brady Eugene, III.

2721. Sybil Blanche Crumpler (2690) was born October 13, 1906 at Spurger, Texas. She married Charles Calvin (Bob) Crawford January 25, 1930 at Henderson, Texas. He was born February 19, 1895 at Forney, Texas. They live at Hooks, Texas, and both work at Red River Arsenal. No children.

2722. Joe Bailey Crumpler (2690) was born September 18, 1911 at Silsbee, Texas. He married Mary Margaret Mackay September 19, 1937 at Lubbock, Texas. She was born September 29, 1912 at Dallas, Texas. Child: Joe Bailey, Jr.

2723. Vera Viola Crumpler (2690) was born October 22, 1915 at Brookeland, Texas. He married Fanest Montgomery Burton January 14, 1936 at Carthage, Texas. She was born March 17, 1913 at Henderson, Texas. Children: Anita Gayle, Fanest Wayne, John Wesley.

2724. Leatha Mae Crumpler (2690) was born May 1, 1917 at White City, Texas. She married Charles Junior Keim July 27, 1938 at Dallas, Texas. He was born June 18, 1914 at Shennandoah, Pennsylvania. He is Chief Engineer for Oil Well Supply Company, with headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Child: Linda Louise.

2725. Mary Sophronia Crumpler (2690) was born March 18, 1920 at Houston, Texas. She married James O. Wallace December, 1942. Child: James O. Wallace, Jr. Mary's husband died and she married Joel Cecil Prewitt December 3, 1949. He was born August 13, 1908 in Jasper County, Texas. No children.

2726. Wesley Griffin Crumpler (2690) was born September 1, 1922 at Brookeland, Texas. Wesley is an actor in New York City, working as "Wesley Kirk". Single in 1953.

2727. Marvin Olin Crumpler (2690) was born August 30, 1925 at Brookeland, Texas. Single in 1955.

2728. Dr. Walter Emmett Crumpler, Jr. (2692) was born in Texas and married Aline Pickett at Houston, Texas, December 28, 1931. He is a practicing physician at Port Arthur, Texas. Child: Karin.

2729. Dr. Prentice Crumpler (2694) was born January 19, 1913 at Richmond, Texas. He married Helen Gass January 16, 1938 at Galveston, Texas. She was born October 18, 1913 at Comfort, Texas. Dr. Prentice and his brother Hulen have a medical clinic at Bowie, Texas. Children: Joyce Helene, Charlotte Anne, Charles Prentice.

2730. Dr. Hulen Porter Crumpler (2694) was born October 6, 1914 at Richmond, Texas. He married Virginia Ella Hatcher September 18, 1948 at Dallas, Texas. She was born June 15, 1926 at Cherryville, Texas. Dr. Hulen and his brother, Dr. Prentice have a medical clinic at Bowie, Texas.. Children: James Robert, Paul Hulen.

2731. Charlotte Bell Rickman (2695) married Dr. Vladimir Basil Bensen November 27, 1953 at Bat Cave, North Carolina. She was born June 23, 1923 at Athens, Texas, and he was born September 30, 1915 at Rostov, Russia, the son of a White Russian mother and a Swedish father. His parents have been in America some twenty-five years. Dr. Bensen is an accomplished pianist and baritone singer. Charlotte completed four years as a pre-medical student at Washington University at St. Louis, Missouri and received a Master's degree in Science from the University of North Carolina. She was working as public health consultant for the state of North Carolina when she married Dr. Bensen. They live in Raleigh, North Carolina. Child: Mark Vladimir.

2732. George Carroll Crumpler, Jr. (2697) was born October 12, 1929 at Dallas, Texas. He married Helen Jeanette Howeth October 30, 1950 at Fort Worth, Texas. She was born June 1, 1933 at Muskogee, Oklahoma. Child: George Bruce.

2733. Emma Bell Brunson (2698) was born May 29, 1911 in Dale County, Alabama. She married Merritt Britt October 28, 1929 at Orlando, Florida. Children: Richard, Brenda, Jean.

2734. George Relius Brunson (2698) was born June 3, 1913 in Dale County, Alabama. He married May 16, 1944 at Pass-a-Grille, Florida.

2735. Clarence Fred Brunson (2698) was born May 9, 1919 in Dale County, Alabama. married September, 1944 at Montgomery, Alabama. Children: Clarence Fred, Jr., Barbara, Dennis.

2736. Lolly Brunson (2700) was born March 15, 1924 in Coffee County, Alabama. Single. Twin to Larry No. 2737 below.

2737. Larry Brunson (2700) was born March 15, 1924 in Coffee County, Alabama. He married Bertha May Adams January 15, 1954. He is a twin to Lolly No. 2736 above.

2738. Bobby J. Godwin (2701) was born February 22, 1933 at Enterprise, Alabama. He married Delores Frederick. Child: Charlene.

2739. Janice Elaine Godwin (2702) was born October 11, 1948 at Enterprise, Alabama.

2740. Van Daniel Godwin (2702) was born December 9, 1950 at Enterprise, Alabama.

2741. Vickey Godwin (2702) was born July 31, 1952 at Chancellor, Alabama.

2742. Danny Hale Godwin (2702) was born August 20, 1954 at Chancellor, Alabama.

2743. Carolyn Brunson (2703) was born January 25, 1928 at Enterprise, Alabama. She married Connie Benjamin McLean November 1, 1946 at Enterprise. He was born October 28, 1926 in Dale County, Alabama. Child: Bruce.

2744. Joyce Brunson (2703) was born September 25, 1931 at Enterprise, Alabama. She married James Hayes Maddox September 30, 1950 at Enterprise. He was born January 23, 1925 in Coffee County, Alabama. Children: Pamela, Susan.

2745. Harrison Brunson (2703) was born August 22, 1934 at Enterprise, Alabama.

2746. Harold Godwin (2704) was born July 10, 1935 at Enterprise, Alabama.

2747. Angelina Godwin (2704) was born March 20, 1937 at Enterprise, Alabama.

2748. James Arthur Godwin (2704) was born October 23, 1943 at Enterprise, Alabama.

2749. Damaris Leigh Godwin (2705) was born January 23, 1949 at Gadsden, Alabama.

2750. Philip Godwin (2705) was born May 24, 1953 at Gadsden, Alabama.

2751. Vanda Godwin (2706) was born November 9, 1950 at Sumpter, South Carolina.

2752. Randy Godwin (2706) was born June 25, 1953 at Houston, Texas.

2753. Roslyn Hollis (2707) was born March 9, 1942 at Enterprise, Alabama.

2754. Branda Joyce Walden (2709) was born March 3, 1947 at Daleville, Alabama.

2755. Gene Block (2712) was born May 19, 1927 at Montgomery, Alabama. She married Tucker Fite, but they separated. Child: Terry.

2756. John Douglas Maund (2713) was born March 9, 1930 in Alabama. He married a Miss Smith, and they have children. He was in the service in 1958.

2757. Mary Jacaquline Maund (2713) was born February 28, 1932 in Alabama. She married in 1956.

2758. Joe William Maund (2713) was born September 11, 1934 in Alabama. Single and in the service in 1957.

2759. Joan Maund (2713) was born April 1, 1939 in Alabama.

2760. James Wyley Sherrer (2714) was born January 24, 1935.

2761. Jackie Steve Sherrer (2714) was born February 15, 1947.

2762. Paula Godwin (2719) was born May 6, 1952 it Mobile, Alabama.

2763. Larry Godwin (2720) was born February 6, 1956 at Mobile, Alabama.

2764. Brady Eugene Godwin III (2720) was born August 22, 1956 at Mobile, Alabama.

2765. Joe Bailey Crumpler, Jr. (2722) was born September 3, 1938 at Dallas, Texas.

2766. Anita Gayle Burton (2723) was born July 12, 1937 at Henderson, Texas.

2767. Fanest Wayne Burton (2723) was born April 1, 1939 at Henderson, Texas.

2768. John Wesley Burton (2723) was born July 27, 1945 at Kilgore, Texas.

2769. Linda Louise Keim (2724) was born September 27, 1944 at Oil City, Pennsylvania.

2770. James O. Wallas, Jr. (2725) was born August 6, 1943 in Jasper County, Texas.

2771. Karin Crumpler (2728) was born July 6, 1942.

2772. Joyce Helene Crumpler (2729) was born November 20, 1940 at Temple, Texas.

2773. Charlotte Anne Crumpler (2729) was born August 11, 1942 at Temple, Texas.

2774. Charles Prentice Crumpler (2729) was born October 2, 1950 at Bowie, Texas.

2775. James Robert Crumpler (2730) was born June 14, 1954 at Dallas, Texas. (Adopted)

2776. Paul Hulen Crumpler (2730) was born November 20, 1954 at Bowie, Texas. (Adopted)

2777. Mark Vladimir Bensen (2731) was born November 10, 1955 at Raleigh, North Carolina.

2778. George Bruce Crumpler (2732) was born August 8, 1951 at Houston, Texas.

2779. Richard Britt (2733) was born October 4, 1936 at Jacksonville, Florida.

2780. Brenda Britt (2733) was born September 4, 1942 at Miami, Florida.

2781. Jean Britt (2733) was born February 10, 1945 at Orlando, Florida.

2782. Clarence Fred Brunson, Jr. (2735) was born March 1, 1950 at Orlando, Florida.

2783. Barbara Brunson (2735) *as born April 12, 1952 at Orlando, Florida.

2784. Dennis Brunson (2736) was born November 28, 1953 at Orlando, Florida.

2785. Charlene Godwin (2738) was born March 14, 1955 at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.