699. William Allen McCarty (200) was born March 23, 1819 in Tennessee, and died April 19, 1904 at Anniston, Alabama, at age 85. He is buried in Hillside Cemetery there. The "Allen" in his name was for his mother's brother, Allen Boddie, of Edgefield, South Carolina. Dr. McCarty attended Cokesbury College at Greenwood, South Carolina, where he studied under Dr. A. H. Mitchell and others. At Cokesbury, about 1838, he married Belinda W. Connor, who was born about 1821 in South Carolina. She died October 5, 1852 in Macon County, Alabama, according to the obituary in "Southern Christian Advocate." She was the daughter of Dr. Francis Asbury Connor and Mary Edwards Connor. Dr. and Mrs. McCarty moved to Alabama in 1838, and he was licensed to preach in 1839 at Eufaula, Alabama. In January, 1840 he joined the Alabama Conference and served Choctawhatchie Circuit of Southeast, Alabama. December, 1840 he located and farmed, taught school, and practiced law in Barbour County, Alabama. During this time he also preached at Old Claybank Church in Dale County, Alabama. In 1850 the census shows him living in Macon County, Alabama, with his wife and five children. The following table shows where Dr. McCarty worked in Methodist Churches during the next thirty-four years in Alabama.

Dr. McCarty was the author of many articles, usually on church affairs, and at least one book, "Doctrine of the Times."

The following is a reprint of an article concerning the Rev. McCarty which appeared in the Alabama Christian Advocate, August 27, 1887.

"Rev. W. A. McCarty, D.D., Alabama Conference was born in the State of Tennessee. While he was yet an infant his father moved to South Carolina, where he was raised. At the age of twenty he moved to Alabama, where he has remained. He was converted when he was a little boy. He had doubts about his conversion for two or three years, but these doubts were finally dissipated.

He had impressions that he would have to preach, as early, if not earlier, than his conversion. He preached, not as play, but in all seriousness and earnestness, to a company of boys, and one about his own age professed religion, and held to his profession in all after life.

He joined the Alabama Conference in 1854, with Rush, Motley, Hearn, Solomon and others, some of whom are yet effective, but others have gone to their reward.

He has been ten years on districts, the rest of the time on circuits and stations, and is now on the hardest of all appointments-supernumerary. He has been solicited to take charge of several church schools, but while appreciating such work very highly, he has thought that his special calling was to preach the gospel.

He has been elected to every General Conference since he was eligible, until the last. He was a member of the "Committee on Changes of Economy" at New Orleans in 1866, and favored all the changes except striking out the probationary clause. He opposed this for the very reason that others favored it, to wit: that many were lost to full membership. He thought it would be wholesome for the church to lose any one who did not think enough of his membership to claim it after six month's trial.

He has written, some have thought, not enough, for our periodical literature. Bishop Parker, when editor of the New Orleans Advocate, used to say that his style of writing was the best of any one's in the Church, South. He has on hand a manuscript denominated "The Truth and Glory of Christianity," which may or may not be published. Dr. McCarty is a modest, quiet, Christian gentleman, and we confess that we were agreeably surprised when he consented to let us write up his obituary before his demise. He had rendered long and efficient service in the church, and is considered today one of the wisest and safest counselors in his conference. He is cool, deliberate and prayerful on all questions involving the welfare of the church, or the good of a brother. When things get tangled, the doctor can find the way out; if by no other route, by telling a good anecdote that has in it a great moral truth. He is now superannuated in body, but his mind glows with its usual vigor, and his heart with its old-time warmth." The following obituary appeared in the April 28, 1904 edition of the Alabama Christian Advocate.

"Rev. William Allen McCarty, D.D., was born in Tennessee, March 23, 1819, and died in Anniston, Alabama, April 19, 1904. When a mere infant he removed with his parents to South Carolina. He attended Cokesbury College while Dr. A. H. Mitchell was President of the institution. He moved to Alabama in 1838 and was licensed to preach in Eufaula in 1839. His health failing in 1840, he studied law and practiced in the courts for several years. He ceased to practice because he felt that 'in his case' he could not be religious and not preach the gospel. He joined the Conference at Talladega in 1854. Among those who entered the Conference with him may be mentioned Rev J. W. Rush, D.D., Rev. W. C. Hearn, D.D., and Rev. F. T. J. Brandon. . . . . . Dr. McCarty was for fifty years a prominent figure in Alabama Methodism. He was elected to every General Conference after he became eligible till his health failed. He filled many positions of trust and honor. He was known as a clear, logical preacher and a strong theologian. At the ripe age of 85 he fell on sleep. He was laid to rest in the beautiful cemetery in the city of Anniston, there to await the resurrection of the just. Dr. W. C. Hearn, Rev. F.T.J. Brandon, Rev. T. K. Roberts, and Rev. George L. Jenkins conducted the funeral services. Of him it may be truly said, he served his day and generation and now he rests from his loved employ. 'Servant of God, well done!'" Children of Dr. W. A. McCarty and Belinda Connor McCarty: Mary E., William E., Sarah Emma, Massallon Fletcher, Thomas A., Linda.

Dr. McCarty, married second, Cornelia Susannah Glenn at Auburn, Alabama, in 1854. She was the daughter of the Rev. John Bowles Glenn and Maria Allen. No children.

Dr. McCarty's third marriage was to Mary Emma Rivers May 22, 1860 in Macon County, Alabama. The ceremony was read by the Rev. John C. Carter. She was born April 13, 1838 in Jasper County, Georgia. She died June 7, 1902 at Anniston, Alabama, in the home of a daughter, Mrs. C. D. Carre. Her obituary appeared in the "Alabama Christian Advocate," written by her husband. Children: Eugene Ernest, Thomas Rivers, Carrie Duncan.

700. Mary E. McCarty (699) was born about 1839 in Alabama (Macon County, Alabama census, 1850). She married, first, John Coleman. Child: Emma Jo. She married, second, Dr. J. 0. Lewis at Greenwood, Florida, April 6, 1882. She died June 1, 1902 and is buried at Chipley, Florida, where she had lived. No children.

701. William E. McCarty (699) was born about 1842 in South Carolina. (Macon, Alabama Census, 1850). He is said to have left home at age 14. He later served in the War Between the States with Co. K., 5th Alabama Infantry Regiment as a private, enlisting March 24, 1862, Lowndes County, Alabama. He was wounded in Maryland September 14, 1862. His leg was amputated and he was furloughed home (From his record in Alabama Archives). Relatives recall that he wore a wooden leg and that he came to Texas and acquired some property. He evidently never married, for at his death his property was sold and proceeds divided among his brothers and sisters. No one now living, however, knows where in Texas he lived or when he died.

702. Sarah Emma McCarty (699) was born in 1844 in Alabama. She died in 1918 and is buried in Havana, Florida. She married John A. Wash, who died about 1915 and is buried at Chipley, Florida. Child: Emma Dallas.

703. Massalon Fletcher McCarty (699) was born July 4, 1846 in Bullock County, Alabama. He died in 1905 in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1871 he married Sara Jane Judkins, who was born in 1848 at Mt. Meigs, Alabama. "Massalon Fletcher McCarty was educated at East Alabama Male College, now known as Agriculture & Mechanical College. At the outbreak of the late war he was attending The Military Institute at Glennville. In the spring of 1863 he enlisted in Co. A., 61st Alabama and remained until the close of the war, participating in the Battle of the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, and around Petersburg. He surrendered with General Lee at Appomattox, returned home immediately and for several years devoted his time to planting.......In 1880 he engaged in the drug business at Auburn and in 1883.......established the second furniture house in Anniston."(1)

Massalon was a graduate of Alabama Poly institute. Children: Henry Duncan, Maggie May, Sarah Lynn, Bessie Alice, Annie Frances, Mary Fletcher.

704. Thomas A. McCarty (699) was born about 1849 in Alabama (1850 Census, Macon County), evidently died young, as none of the relatives know anything about him.

705. Frances A. McCarty (699) was born after the 1850 census was taken and died about 1920 in Montgomery County, Alabama. She married John J. McPherson, a druggist. This couple's children died in infancy. When Frances's younger sister Linda died, leaving a baby daughter, Erin Brown, they took the child and reared her.

706. Linda McCarty (699) was born in 1852, the year her mother died, and died in 1897 at Midway, Alabama. She married John Brown, who was born in 1845 in Jacksonville, Alabama. He died November 10, 1934. Both are buried at Midway but have no markers. Children: Lucille, Oscar (who died in infancy), Harvey Crymes, Allen McCarty, Lelia Estelle. Lora May, Erin Linda.

707. Eugene Ernest McCarty (699) was born March 4, 1851 at Midway, Alabama, and died March 10, 1935 at Quitman, Georgia. He was married at Prattville, Alabama September 9, 1896 by the Rev. W. A. McCarty to Talula Mims David. She was born October 7, 1864 at Prattville and died May 18, 1938 at Quitman. (Bible record). Children: Erin, Eugene Ernest, Jr., Margurite, Talula Rivers.

708. Thomas Rivers McCarty (699) was born March 14, 1865 at Glennville, Alabama. He died December 15, 1919 at Birmingham, Alabama, and is buried at Elmwood Cemetery there. He married Emma Jane (Pinkie) Henderson January 16, 1889 at Midway, Alabama. She was the daughter of Dr. James E. Henderson and Mary Emeline Moss. Emma Jane died in Birmingham, Alabama in an automobile accident. This couple had no children. Thomas Rivers was graduated from Southern University (now Birmingham Southern) in 1885, joined The Alabama Conference at Greensboro, and that fall was appointed a professor in Southern University. The following table shows the Rev. Thomas Rivers McCarty's work in the Methodist Church in Alabama:

In 1903 he left the Conference and went into the real estate business in Birmingham, Alabama. While he was pastor at Greensboro, there were about 150 conversions in a revival. It would appear that he was a was a successful minister and that his leaving the church as an active worker was a great loss to the church.

In Cedartown, Georgia, a community house was named for the Rev. T. R. McCarty. This house was closed in 1956 after at least 50 years of service. The kindergarten and social work were transferred to Ethel Harpst Home.1

709. Carrie Duncan McCarty (699) was born August 23, 1811 in Auburn, Alabama. She died December 1, 1944 in Anniston, Alabama. She married Lilburn Henry Carre at Atlanta, Georgia, July 11, 1896. He was born February 25, 1871 at Boque Chitto, Mississippi, and died April 21, 1943 at Anniston. He was in the shoe business in Anniston for many years. It was to the Carre Home that the Rev. and Mrs. W. A. McCarty retired in 1888 and lived there until their deaths.

A Sunday School Class in the Methodist Church in Anniston is named for the Carres. Children: Virginia Rivers, Alice Clark, Lilburn McCarty.

710. Emma Joe Coleman (700) was born February 1865, or 1866, died in 1917 and was buried in Chipley, Florida. She married Thomas Daniel White May 11, 1890 at Greenwood, Florida. He was born March 2, 1865 in Dale County, Alabama, and died January 3, 1944 and is buried at Chipley. Children: Thomas Daniel, Jr., Ethel May, Robert Chilton, Mary Elizabeth, Harry James.

711. Emma Dallas Wash (702) was born in 1875 in Alabama. She married Dr. Joseph Hamilton Willis, who was born December 3, 1870 at Cottageville, South Carolina. He died April 1, 1925 and is buried in Gadsden County, Florida, in Old Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. Dr. Willis was graduated from Medical College at Louisville, Kentucky. He practiced in Greenwood, Wewahitchka, Chipley, and Quincy, Florida. He remained in Quincy many years, dying there while on a house call. Children: John McPherson, Rebecca, Margaret.

712. Henry Duncan McCarty (703) was born May, 1873 at Enon, Alabama. He died in 1912 and is buried at Birmingham, Alabama. He married Sarah Stillman. Child: Sarah.

713. Maggie May McCarty (703) was born in 1875 at Enon, Alabama. She died about 1925 and is buried at Birmingham, Alabama. She married William Fletcher Logan, who was born December 15, 1871 in Murfreesboro, Arkansas. He died August 3, 1955 and is buried at Little Rock, Arkansas. Children: George Fletcher, who died at age 3 and another son who died as an infant.

714. Sarah Lynn McCarty (703) was born in 1878 at Enon, Alabama. and died about 1951. She is buried in Birmingham. She married Louie Reese. Children: Louie. Jr., Carolyn.

715. Bessie Alice McCarty (703) was born May 2, 1883 at Anniston, Alabama, and died May 18, 1959 in Birmingham, Alabama. She married Griffin Lamkin June 6, 1906. He received his A.B. degree in 1897 from the University of Alabama and his LLB in 1900. He received his LLM degree from Georgetown University Law School in 1901. He practiced law in Birmingham for many years, was a Methodist and a Democrat. Children: Margaret Louise, Griffen, Jr., Fletcher McCarty.

716. Annie Frances McCarty (703) was born August 2, 1885 at Anniston, Alabama. She married Basil Manly February 2, 1906 at Birmingham, Alabama. He was born November 8, 1880 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. They were living in Florida in 1958. Child: Elizabeth.

717. Mary Fletcher McCarty (703) was born in Anniston, Alabama in 1890 and died in Orlando, Florida, in 1954. She married James Merle McElroy in Birmingham, Alabama in 1913. He was born in 1888 in Orlando and died there in 1944. Children: James Merle, Jr., Ellen Queen, James Newton, Mary Ann.

718. Harvey Crymes Brown (706) was born in Midway, Alabama in 1883 and died October 28, 1952. He is buried at Midway. He married about 1941 at Fairfax, Alabama, Mrs. Irene (Thompson) Cochran. His widow was teaching in the public schools of Owasha, Florida, in 1958. No children.

719. Allen McCarty Brown (706) was born in 1885 at Midway, Alabama, and died April 27, 1910. He never married.

720. Leila Estelle Brown (706) was born July, 1885 and died May 29, 1909 at Midway, Alabama, of tuberculosis at the home of her grandfather, W. A. McCarty.2

721. Lora May Brown (706) was born July 9, 1891 at Midway, Alabama. She married Alexander R. Carlisle April 12, 1912 at Eufala, Alabama. He was born July 31, 1894 at Thompson, Alabama, and died October 17, 1953. He is buried in Greenwood Cemetery at Montgomery, Alabama. Lora May, now retired, at one time did clerical work at the State Building, Montgomery. Child: Marion Lewis.

722. Erin Linda Brown (706) was born in 1897 at Midway, Alabama. She married William Daniel Judge in 1920 in Montgomery County, Alabama. He was born in 1892 in Tyson, Alabama, and died May 21, 1960. No children.

Erin's mother, Linda McCarty Brown, died when Erin was an infant, and her aunt, Frances McCarty McPheron, reared Erin. Of her life with the McPhersons Erin says: "Aunt Fannie and I lived with Uncle Fletch ([Massalon Fletcher] McCarty) in Birmingham for two years. He died in 1919 and Aunt Fannie died soon afterward. He was very sweet to me. His daughter Maggie was a musician and she taught me much, though I had already studied music for six years in Montgomery. We went to concerts, weddings, and other places of interest while I was there. I was 21 at the time, and I enjoyed all of the luxuries they had. Uncle Fletch had a friend in Atlanta whom we visited and attended the Metropolitan Opera in season. Uncle Fletch had a beautiful home with a gorgeous flower garden and hot house where he worked with his flowers after office hours."

723. Erin McCarty (707) was born November 18, 1887 at Prattville, Alabama. She was baptized October 17, 1888 at Midway, Alabama, by her uncle, The Rev. T. R. McCarty. She died December 1, 1894 at Anniston, Alabama.

724. Eugene Ernest McCarty, Jr., (707) was born August 3, 1890 at Anniston, Alabama. He was baptized there June 4, 1895 by the Rev R. T. McCarty. He married May Eastman Taylor of Nashville, Tennessee in Chicago, Illinois, September 1, 1917 by the Rev. McCarty.

725. Marguerite McCarty (707) was born July 25, 1892 at Anniston, Alabama. She was baptized June 4, 1896 at Anniston by the Rev. T. R. McCarty. She died May 10, 1921 at Tuskegee, Alabama. She married Herbert Norman Graham at Quitman, Georgia June 5, 1917. the Rev. T. R. McCarty performing the ceremony. Child: Herbert McCarty.

726. Talula Rivers McCarty (707) was born October 14, 1903 at Quitman, Georgia, and was baptized July 25, 1909 at Quitman by the Rev. T. R. McCarty. Single.

727. Virginia Rivers Carre (709) was born January 20, 1899 in Anniston, Alabama. She married Robert Danner Stevens February 9, 1919 at Anniston, Alabama. He was born August 9, 1894 at Downs, Alabama. Virginia is a newspaper woman, being employed on the Gadsden Times, at Gadsden, Alabama. Children: Virginia Rivers, Robert Donner, Jr., Lilbern.

728. Alice Clark Carre (709) was born February 25, 1902 at Anniston, Alabama. She married Charles Elmer Rubel May 23, 1936 at Gadsden, Alabama. He was born February 19, 1888 in Clarksville, Tennessee, and died July 15, 1943 at Anniston, Alabama. Alice was, in 1955, office manager for Area Council of Girl Scouts at Anniston. Children: Charles Lilbern, Alicia.

729. Lilbern McCarty Carre (709) was born March 10, 1910 at Anniston, Alabama. Single in 1955.

730. Thomas David White, Jr. (710) was born March 15, 1891 at Chipley, Florida, and died August 3, 1920 at Chipley. Unmarried.

731. Ethel May White (710) was born February 26, 1893 at Chipley, Florida. She married Dr. Jeremiah Noble Hankins March 17, 1917 at Chipley, Florida. He was born in Nanafalia, Alabama, and died June, 1933 in Milton, Florida, where he had practiced medicine many years. Mrs. Hankins was a teacher in the Coachella, California, school system in 1957. Children: Jeremiah Noble, Jr., Mary Ethel.

732. Robert Chilton White (710) was born March 18, 1897 at Chipley, Florida, and died there May 30, 1943. He married, first, Sophia Ford in Washington, D. C. No children. He married, second, Miss Kelly at Chipley. No children.

733. Harry James White (710) was born October 21, 1905 at Chipley, Florida. He married Billy Watana Grover of Ensley, Alabama. They lived at San Mateo, California in 1957. No children.

734. John McPherson Willis (711) was born December 17, 1896 in Greenwood, Florida. He married March 15, 1925 at St. Augustine, Florida. He works for the Florida Road Department. No children.

735. Rebecca Willis (711) was first married to Edmond Monrean and, second, a Mr. Thomas. Two children: Emma Jo, born in Jacksonville, Florida, and died in Knoxville, Tennessee; Minnie Dallas, who married Franklyn Levenson. They live in Jacksonville, Florida and have a son, Danny, and a daughter.

736. Margaret Willis (711) was born January 2, 1905, died January 3, 1932 and is buried in Gadsden County, Florida, in old Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. She married Carlton E. Bauknight. Children: A. W., Carleen, Margie, who married B. W. Barthholf.

737. Sarah McCarty (712) is said to have married a Dr. Graham. Nothing else is known about her except what appears is a clipping in the Alabama archives, who no date nor name of the paper from which the clipping was taken:

"Sarah McCarty was awarded the Sharply-Shafer medal in histology from Edinborough, Scotland. This is the second time this medal has been given for unusual excellence in that branch of medical study. Sarah is the niece of Mrs. Griffin Lamkin, Mrs. Basil Manly and Mrs. W. A. Logan of Birmingham."

738. Louie Reese, Jr. (714) is in the realty business in Birmingham, Alabama. He is married and has these children: Louie, Lynell, Juliene, Wesley.

739. Carolyn Reese (714) was married to J. A. King, who is a business partner of Louie Reese. Children: Jimmy, Carolyn, Ned.

740. Margaret Louise Lamkin (715) was born July 15, 1907 in Birmingham, Alabama. She married Herschel Eugene Smith June 12, 1929 in New York. He was born October 28, 1904 in Bartow, Georgia, the son of Thomas Youngblood Smith of Bartow. Margaret received her A. B. degree from Wellesley in 1928 and attended the University of Grenoble, France. Children : Mary Griffin.

741. Griffin Lamkin, Jr. (715) was born October 22, 1912 in Birmingham, Alabama. He married Mary Walker Constenture March 26, 1935 at Pell City, Alabama. She was born February 17, 1914 in Birmingham. He attended the University of Alabama. Child: Thomas Griffin.

742. Fletcher McCarty Lamkin (715) was born March 17, 1915 at Birmingham, Alabama. He married Ethel Louise Shamer January 15, 1939 in Manila, Philippine Islands. She was born April 7, 1912 at Los Animos, Colorado. Capt. Lamkin is an Army career man, stationed in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in 1955. Children: Margaret Louise, Fletcher McCarty, Jr., Patricia Jean, Griffin III.

743. Elizabeth Manly (715) was born November 5, 1906 in Birmingham, Alabama. She married Homer Coburn Hendrix April 27, 1937 at Birmingham. They live in Jacksonville, Florida. No children.

744. James Merle McElroy, Jr. (717) was born in 1915 in Orlando, Florida. He married Alice Ella Campbell in 1940 at Spartanburg, South Carolina. Child: James Merle III. James Merle, Jr., married a second time in 1952.

745. Ellen Queen McElroy (717) was born in 1917 at Orlando, Florida. She married a Mr. Keith at Falkstone, Georgia, in 1946. They lived at Greenville, South Carolina in 1957. Children: William, Joan, Mary Ellen.

746. James Newton McElroy (717) was born at Orlando, Florida, in 1921. He married in 1945 and they have these children: James Newton III, Jan, Dana, Sarah.

747. Mary Ann McElroy (717) was born in 1925 at Orlando, Florida. She married John Austin Buice, there in 1946. He was born September 18, 1918 at Monticello, South Carolina. They lived in Daytona Beach in 1957. Children: Mary Fletcher, John Austin.

748. Marion Lewis Carlisle (721) was born January 13, 1915 at Union Springs, Alabama. He married Linda Colquitt in Montgomery, Alabama, March 16, 1945. She was born July 5,---- at Titus, Alabama. They live in Montgomery. Children: Janet, Marilyn, Warren, Emily Joyce.

749. Herbert McCarty Graham (725) was born November 13, 1918 at Decatur, Georgia. He was employed by the U.S. Department of Health, Education and Welfare in New York City in 1955.

750. Virginia Rivers Stevens (727) was born November 21, 1919 at Anniston, Alabama, and died May 21, 1921. She is buried at Anniston.

751. Robert Danner Stevens (727) was born March 8, 1922 at Anniston, Alabama. Single in 1955.

752. Lilbern Carre Stevens (727) was born October 2, 1923 at Anniston, Alabama. He married Elizabeth Mackey January 19, 1945 at Birmingham, Alabama. She was born January 23, 1925 in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. No children.

753. Charles Lilbern Rubel (728) was born December 11, 1938 at Birmingham, Alabama.

754. Alicia Carre Rubel (728) was born August 10, 1937 at Anniston, Alabama, and died there August 12, 1937.

755. Jeremiah Noble Hankins (731) was born March 23, 1918 at Pensacola, Florida. He married May Elizabeth Logan at Birmingham, Alabama. Children: Mary Ann (Dolly), Jeremiah Noble II (Jerry), Elizabeth White.

756. Mary Elizabeth Hankins (731) was born April 11, 1923 at Pensacola, Florida. She married Sidney A. Bird at Los Angeles, California in 1945. He was born in 1916 at Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is an army career man, a Colonel, stationed at Colorado Springs, Colorado, in 1957. Children Meredith, Leslie Allison.

757. Mary Griffin Smith (740) was born April 23, 1930 at Augusta, Georgia. She married William Marcellin Hoeveler December 25, 1950 at Miami, Florida. He was born August 23, 1923 in Paris, France. Children: Herschel Eugene Smith, Elizabeth Polk.

758. Thomas Griffin Lamkin (741) was born June 11, 1940 in Birmingham, Alabama.

759. Margaret Louise Lamkin (742) was born January 30, 1940 at Charleston, South Carolina.

760. Fletcher McCarty Lamkin (742) was born April 9, 1942 at Lakehurst, New Jersey.

761. Patricia Jean Lamkin (742) was born October 15, 1950 at Oakland, California.

762. Griffin Lamkin III (742) was born February 11, 1955 at Albuquerque, New Mexico.

763. Mary Fletcher Buice (747) was born September 25, 1945 at Orlando, Florida.

764. John Austin Buice, Jr. (747) was born May 16, 1951 at Orlando, Florida.

765. Janet Marilynn Carlisle (748) was born December 20, 1945 at Montgomery, Alabama.

766. Warren Carlisle (748) was born January 3, 1950 at Montgomery, Alabama.

767. Emily Joyce Carlisle (748) was born April 24, 1951 at Montgomery, Alabama.

768. Mary Ann (Dolly) Hankins (755) was born August 25, 1945 at Manhattan Beach, California.

769. Jeremiah (Jerry) Noble Hankins III (55) was born May 20, 1949 at Manhattan Beach, California.

770. Ethel White Hankins (755) was born May 21, 1956 at Manhattan Beach, California.

771. Meredith Bird (756) was born December 17, 1947 at Las Vegas, Nevada.

772. Lesile Allison Bird (756) was born September 17, 1956 at Colorado Springs, Colorado.

773. Herschel Smith Hoeveler (757) was born December 7, 1951 at Miami, Florida.

774. Elizabeth Polk Hoeveler (757) was born December 25, 1953 at Miami, Florida.

1 Southern Christian Advocate, February 2, 1956
2 Alabama Christian Advocate