1157. Wilson S. McCarty (200) and almost his entire family remain a mystery. Since he lived in Dale County, Alabama, only seven years, no one there now remembers anything about him. He was a lawyer and was appointed judge of the probate court of Dale County on November 2, 1848. He resigned that position May 1, 1849 and moved to Arkansas at that time, perhaps, as he appears in the 1850 census there.

Wilson's wife, Susan Carolyn, was born in South Carolina, but that is all that is known about her. Since Wilson moved from Georgia, to Alabama in 1842, it seems probable that he met Susan Carolyn in Dale County, and married her there. The birth of their first child in 1849 would indicate that they married in 1847 or 1848. Their youngest child was born in Arkansas in 1853 or 1855. Therefore, both Wilson and Susan Carolyn died between that date and 1850 as the name of neither appears in the 1850 census.

Wilson's father, Judge Philip McCarty, was a wealthy man, and Wilson had several own brothers and sisters and several half brothers and sisters in Alabama who could have cared for his children; therefore, it seems strange to find them scattered about with friends or neighbors or, perhaps, relatives. In 1860 both Walter D. McCarty and Wilson S. McCarty. Jr., sons of Wilson were living with E. B. Steel and his wife "P.M." He was from Georgia and she from Alabama. Eugenia, the older daughter, was living with J. L. Howard and wife Arabella. He was from Georgia and she from Mississippi. Alice D. was living with a widow, Jane Patterson of Alabama.

The 1870 census shows that Alice was married to Robert N. Williams of Alabama and had two sons, Eddie and Walter D. McCarty and Wilson S. McCarty, Jr. were living with William B. Tatum and wife Mary F., both from Tennessee. Eugenia does not appear in this census.

In the 1880 census Eugenia appears as the wife of Lewis C. Steel, and they have five children. Allice was dead now, and her husband and three children were living alone. She died between the birth of her last son in 1873 and the 1880 census. "Walter and Wilson McCarty do not appear in the 1880 census. They were yet living somewhere in Arkansas when they received their share of the estate of their grandfather Philip McCarty when the final settlement was made in 1892 in Alabama. However, prolonged search through the 1880 census did not find these men.

Wilson, third son of Philip McCarty and Mahala Boddie was born in 1823 in Edgefield, South Carolina. He was a practicing attorney in Lafayette County, Arkansas, as the 1850 census gives his occupation as lawyer. This census gives Susan Carolyn's age as 23. She was born therefore, about 1827. Children of Wilson and Susan Carolyn: Eugenia A., Allice D., Walter D., Wilson S. Jr.

1158. Eugenia A. McCarty (1157) was born April 7, 1849 in Dale County, Alabama. She died of pneumonia January 27, 1883 and is buried on the court house lawn of Lewisville, Arkansas. She has a marker. Her husband, Lewis Cass Steel, is buried there but has no marker. He was born November 24, 1841 at Lewisville and died November 7, 1884. He was scalded when he attempted to repair a boiler to a gin that he owned. Children: Caroline Gillespie, Minnie Fort, Elizabeth Chandler, Virginia Augusta, Leonard Cicero, Idell Alice, Earl.

1159. Allice D. McCarty (1157) was born 1851 in Arkansas. She died between 1873 and 1880. She married Robert N. Williams in 1964, probably. He was born in Alabama about 1840. Children: Eddie, Walter, Thomas.

1160. Walter D. McCarty (1157) was born probably in 1853 in Lewisville, Arkansas.

1161. Wilson S. McCarty, Jr., (1157) was probably born in 1855 in Lewisville, Arkansas.

1162. Caroline Gillespie Steel (1158) was born April 21, 1867 at Lewisville, Arkansas. She died July 14, 1869 and is buried at Lewisville, Arkansas.

1163. Minnie Fort Steel (1158) was born April 24, 1869 at Lewisville, Arkansas and died December 16, 1945 at Colfax, Texas. She married John Wood at Colfax about 1887. He was born November 6, 1857 at Colfax and died April 21, 1911. Both are buried at the Colfax Cemetery. Children: Rachel Eugenia, Irie Abi, Ellen Grace, Ruth Idel, Annie.

1164. Elizabeth Chandler Steel (1158) was born January 5, 1872 at Lewisville, Arkansas. She married a Mr. Carson and lived in Dallas, Texas, where she died in the 1930's. They had one child, Joe, who died in 1935.

1165. Virginia Augusta Steel (1158) was born March 1, 1874 at Lewisville, Arkansas and died when an infant.

1166. Leonard Cicero Steel (1158) was born February 14, 1875 at Lewisville, Arkansas. He married Lucy Lena Terry at Ben Wheeler, Texas, March 23, 1896. Leonard came to Texas about 1890 and lived with relatives for a while near Sherman, Texas. He was working for Mr. Terry at Ben Wheeler when he married Lucy Lena. She was born December 27, 1879 at Ben Wheeler and died December 28, 1936. She is buried at Ural Cemetery near Elk City, Oklahoma. Children: Robert Lewis, Earl C., Horace Clayton, Clyde Henry, Ruth Ethel.

1167. Idell Alice Steel (1158) was born July 22, 1878 at Lewisville, Arkansas. She came to Colfax, Texas, to live with her sister Minnie Steel Wood when she was about eight years old. Here she later married Robert Jackson Kellam about 1895. He was born February 18, 1874 at Colfax and died there October, 1943. He is buried at the Colfax Cemetery. Children: Alexander Lewis, James Clifton.

1168. Earl Steel (1158) was born July 30, 1881 at Lewisville, Arkansas. He married Lydia Thorn at Colfax about 1907. She was born October 22, 1878 and died April 10, 1962. Earl died August 2, 1944. Both are buried in the Colfax Cemetery. Child: June Clinton.

1169. Eddie Williams (1159) was born about 1865 in Lafayette County, Arkansas.

1170. Walter Williams (1159) was born about 1867 in Lafayette County, Arkansas.

1171. Thomas Williams (1159) was born about 1873 in Lafayette County, Arkansas.

1172. Annie E. Wood (1163) was born June 29, 1887 in Lafayette County, Arkansas, and died February 22, 1930. She is buried in the Colfax Cemetery. Annie was a university graduate and a dedicated teacher. She taught in the country and walked miles to and from schools, in all sorts of weather. She was a brilliant and popular teacher, but she was a delicate person, and her health broke under the hard work and long hours she imposed upon herself. She went to Sanitorium for treatment, but the ravages of tuberculosis already had done their work, and she went home to die. She never married.

1173. Rachel Eugenia Wood (1163) was born December 21, 1888 at Colfax, Texas. She died August 4, 1890 and is buried in the Colfax Cemetery.

1174. Irie Abi Wood (1163) was born August 12, 1891 at Colfax, Texas, and died July 1, 1893. He is buried in the Colfax Cemetery.

1175. Ellen Grace Wood (1163) was born January 26, 1894 at Colfax, Texas, and died April 5, 1895. She is buried in the Colfax Cemetery.

1176. Ruth Idell Wood (1163) was born February 4, 1897 at Colfax, Texas, and died June 10, 1898. She is buried in the Colfax Cemetery.

1177. Robert Lewis Steel (1166) was born January 29, 1898 at Ben Wheeler, Texas. He married Ruth May Allen in 1917 in Beckham County, Oklahoma. He died December 29, 1928 and is buried in the Ural Cemetery near Elk City, Oklahoma. She was born June 18, 1898 at Bowie, Texas. Children: Raymond, Joyce Clinton, Ellen Olivia.

1178. Earl C. Steel (1166) was born January 22, 1901 at Ben Wheeler, Texas. He died August 21, 1902 and is buried near Ben Wheeler.

1179. Horace Clayton Steel (1166) was born January 29, 1903 at Ben Wheeler, Texas. He married Dessie Moore in 1929 at Elk City, Oklahoma. He died October 2, 1929 and is buried in Ural Cemetery near Elk City, Oklahoma. Child: Doyle Ray.

1180. Clyde Henry Steel (1166) was born October 7, 1908 at Carter, Oklahoma. He married first Lorene Fulton in 1928 at Elk City, Oklahoma. She was born in 1915 Child: Doyal Gene. He married, second, Lorene Helen Armstead who was born in 1918. Children: Joyce Verdean, Glenda Sue, Helen Delores.

1181. Ruth Ellen Steel (1166) was born June 2, 1914 at Carter, Oklahoma. She married first, Lee Ray Nichols December 24, 1939 at Post, Texas. He died May 25, 1950. Child: Dougles Lee. She married, second, Carmen W. Walker December 14, 1953 at Prescott, Arizona. No children.

1182. Alexander Lewis Kellam (1167) was born October, 1897 at Colfax, Texas. He is married and has two children. He owns and operates a "super" restaurant on the Tyler, Texas, highway.

1183. James Clifton Kellam (1167) was born July 13, 1907 at Colfax, Texas. He married Sybil Dowell October 5, 1929 at Golden, Texas. Clifton and his son Jack manage a 900 acre ranch where they raise pure bred cattle and also carry on a candy and tobacco wholesale business. Children: Bobby James, Jack Clifton.

1184. June Clifton Steel (1168) was born June 1, 1903 at Canton, Texas. He married Fern Williams in 1921 at Canton. She was born June 22, 1912 in Van Zandt County, Texas. Children: Catherine Jo, Billie Ann.

1185. Raymond Steel (1177) was born in June, 1918 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He died February 22, 1920 and is buried in the Ural Cemetery near Elk City, Oklahoma.

1186. Joyce Clinton Steel (1177) was born February 9, 1921 at Clinton, Oklahoma. He married Jewel Frances Caywood in 1939 at Post, Texas. She was born November 28, 1921 at Post. Children: Marilyn, Curtis Ray.

1187. Ellen Olivia Steel (1177) was born May 6, 1924 at Elk City, Oklahoma. She married Norman P. Olsen at Ketchikan, Alaska, September 14, 1951. He was born March 24, 1925 at Ketchikan. He is a commercial fisher off the Alaskan coast. Children: Olivia Marlane, Linda Louise, Peter Norman, Robert Martin.

1188. Doyle Ray Steel (1179) was born April 2, 1930 at Tulsa, Oklahoma. He married Imogene Kennemer September 16, 1949 at Elk City, Oklahoma. She was born June 18, 1930 at Carter, Oklahoma. Children: Terry Ray, Cynthia Jean.

1189. Doyal Gene Steel (1180) was born March 29, 1931 at Elk City, Oklahoma. He married Pateinia Mae Knight at Yuma, Arizona June 21, 1950. She was born May 28, 1932 at Dover, Ohio. Children: Steven Gene, Daniel Lawrence.

1190. Joyce Verdean Steel (1180) was born January 15, 1934.

1191. Glenda Sue Steel (1180) was born and died March 15, 1936.

1192. Helen Delores Steel (1180) was born January 18, 1937.

1193. Douglas Lee Nichols (1181) was born July 20, 1942 at Slayton, Texas.

1194. Bobby James Kellam (1183) was born at Colfax, Texas, January 22, 1932. He was injured seriously in an automobile accident and was in and out of hospitals for six years before his death. He was paralyzed, and his parents arranged a big sunny room where his friends went to visit him constantly. He died October 23, 1955 and is buried in the Colfax Cemetery.

1195. Jack Clifton Kellam (1183) was born September 23, 1936 at Colfax, Texas. He married Brenda Parkham July 22, 1961 at Van, Texas. She was born September 21, 1940 at Ben Wheeler, Texas. Jack and Brenda went to Europe on their honeymoon. Jack is a graduate of North Texas State University. No children.

1196. Catherine Jo Steel (1184) was born June 15, 1925 in Van Zandt County, Texas.

1197. Billie Ann Steel (1184) married a Mr. Pennington September 20, 1957 at Colfax, Texas.

1198. Marilyn Joyce Steel (1186) was born May 20, 1940 at Post, Texas.

1199. Curtis Ray Steel (1186) was born December 3, 1941 at Post, Texas.

1200. Olivia Marlane Olsen (1187) was born July 31, 1953 at Anchorage, Alaska.

1201. Linda Louise Olsen (1187) was born January 15, 1957 at Ketchikan, Alaska.

1202. Peter Norman Olsen (1187) was born February 25, 1958 at Ketchikan, Alaska.

1203. Robert Martin Olsen (1187) was born March 13, 1961 at Ketchikan, Alaska.

1204. Terry Ray Steel (1188) was born August 28, 1958 at Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

1205. Cynthia Jean Steel (1188) was born February 7, 1962 at Jacksonville, Florida.

1206. Steven Gene Steel (1189) was born October 20, 1950 at Whittier, California.

1207. Daniel Lawrence Steel (1189) was born March 2, 1954 at Whittier, California.


Since the history of the Wilson S. McCarty family as here set down consists of the history of the family of Eugenia and Lewis Steel mainly, the history of the older Steels becomes of interest.

John Steel, Lewis Steel's father, was born in 1772 in Ireland and died in Lewisville, Arkansas, March, 1860. He and his second wife, Elizabeth, are buried on the court house lawn in Lewisville. John had 17 children, eight by his first wife, Ellen Woods, and nine by his second wife, Elizabeth Johns. Elizabeth was born in 1808 and died in 1875. Children by Ellen Woods: