Averett McCarty Cemetery - Dale County - Alabama

The Averett McCarty Cemetery is located on Fort Rucker Army base in Dale County Alabama. Several years ago, I made a trip to the cemetery, since it is the burial site of Philip McCarty - my great-great-great-great grandfather. I had a very specific description of how to get to the site, including road numbers. ALL of them had changed. Luckily, with the help of an MP, I was able to find the cemetery. It is just south of Lowe Airfield (whose name had also changed). About the only thing in the original description that was still accurate was that it was at the large oak tree. You have to drive about 1/4 mile across an open field to get there. These 2 links should help find it however: both of these are centered on Lowe Airfield. Note the large tree just south of the airfield on the Google map. The road south of the cemetery running east and west goes from Enterprise on the left (west) to Fort Rucker on the right (east).

As time permits, I will eventually get all of the pictures from this cemetery here, but for now, here is the one I went to see:

Tombstone of Philip Michael and Mary Mitchell McCarty