This document was compiled by Minnie Eva McCarty Tipton. Minnie was the fifth child and second daughter of Robert Bruce McCarty and Florence Ann Whitehead, and a grand-daughter of Alsa B. McCarty and his second wife Ann Reddick. Minnie reportedly gathered this information over a period of some twenty years (presumably between about 1944 and 1964). It was later retyped by Bill Bateman in document form and converted to HTML by Bruce Reeves for this website.

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One last note about the document. The original manuscript contained 33 pages on the families of Mary Trawick and Richard Julius Trawick. They are reproduced here, but seem to have no connection to the McCarty/Boddie clan.

Michael McCarty
     Phillip McCarty
          William Allen McCarty
          Alsa B. McCarty
             Alsa - second wife
          Wilson S. McCarty
          Tillman McCarty
          Mary Ann McCarty
          Martha A. McCarty
          Elizabeth McCarty
     Phillip - third wife
          John Sion Jeter McCarty
          Frances Sophronia McCarty
          Walter D. McCarty
          Thomas Randall McCarty
          Georgiana McCarty